Just say no

Well after riding about twenty miles on my 36’er a lady told me to ride for her and I said no and she actiall got really mad. Does anyone have any interesting stories about people asking you to ride and you refusing.


no, いいえ、ne, nein, لا ,לא, não, hindi, δεν, нет, nee, nej, 否, hapana, nei… :roll_eyes:

I only came up with the first four on my own:o

How do you spell that ‘’ いいえ’’???

My keyboard is bilingual.


“This is my sport, not your cabaret.”

Or, “Sing me a song and I’ll do you a trick.”

Or, “Will you turn a trick for me?”

“maybe after you ride this first, biatch!”

Why would you say no?

And I don’t have any stories.


What did you actually say?
And what did she say or do to make you say she got really mad?

He said “no” because he was most likely taking a break from riding after completing 20 miles.

This has happened to me a lot. My training for the New Zealand tour 3 years ago was to ride from my house to the Lincoln Memorial in DC and back (~60 miles). I would take a break once I got to the Lincoln Memorial, and someone would come up and ask if I would ride for them. I would politely say that I had just cycled 30 miles and was taking a break.

I don’t think anyone has ever been offended though. It is all in how you respond, just saying “no” might come off the wrong way, but if you say “I just rode 20 miles and am taking a break” then she would understand the situation.

Did she say the magic word? Were you polite in your response? Probably not in one or the other of those cases. For me, usually I’ll jump on if someone asks, but if I’m pooped I’ll let them know and tell them that I will but not just at the moment. This is usually enough.

More commonly I am asked to “do a trick!” while riding. Often on the “wrong” type of unicycle. Call me a purist, but i’m not very good at doing tricks on my MUni, for instance, since I learned them all on a totally different type of unicycle so my results can be sketchy on the MUni. If someone demands that I “Do a trick” out of the blue, I usually say “You go first.”

This happened to me yesterday. I had already ridden some distance and was walking because I was tired, and this guy with a couple kids saw me and made the standard missing wheel joke. I gave him a clever reply and continued on my way, and the guy said ‘I don’t know if she can actually ride it. She’s just walking it!’

I found this very rude. If he wanted me to ride he should have just said so, rather than be all passive agressive. I would’ve said no anyway because I was tired, but still. Have some respect.


Well, he was right. It’s up to you to leave him hanging or not. Completely up to you. You don’t owe each other anything.

You could have said…“I’m too tired from riding for 20 miles.”
Then she would have said, OK.

I have a sport bike, and people always ask me to do wheelies.
I don’t ride wheelies, but if I did, I wouldn’t in front of people because they’d laugh if you fell down and got messed up.
If you are successful, you’re their entertainer.
And if you aren’t, you’re a laughing stock.
No thanks, not much in it for me.

If she was hot, you could say, you ride it, then grope her all over while you were helping her not fall from it.

Get some “Seinfeldian” revenge, and go to HER place of employment, and while she’s at lunch, or on a break, keep asking her to type something for you, or whatever she does! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha that episode is so funny!:smiley: Heckling an office worker. They came up with so much brilliant stuff.

They did indeed! Here’s the part of the show where Jerry gets his sweet revenge on the heckler, by heckling her at her workplace:

New scene - Toby in her office at Pendant. Jerry pokes his head in the door.

JERRY: Hey, nice shoes. What, you wear sandals to work? It’s always nice to walk into a room and get the aroma of feet. That’s real conducive to the work atmosphere. I’m sure your co-workers really appreciate it. ‘Hey, let’s go eat in Toby’s office. Great idea! We can check on her bunions!’

TOBY: You know, I have work to do here! I’m very busy!

JERRY: Oh, is this disruptive? You find it hard to work with someone…interrupting?

TOBY: Well, how would you like it if I called security?

JERRY: Security? Well, I don’t know how you’re gonna make it in this business if you can’t take it! Ya gotta be tough! Booo! Boooo!

<Kramer arrives just as Toby gets upset and storms out.>

Some years ago I brought my unicycle to work. I had planned to use it outside the office but on another side of the building and I had hoped to keep it in my office until lunch and roll it out then. The security guards wouldn’t let me bring it into the building. So I walked it back to my car and had to later retrieve it and ride around the building.

When I returned after putting it back in my car the guards had the gall to tell me that they were disappointed I hadn’t ridden it back to my car so they could watch.

I would always appease passersby when they asked for “a trick” or wanted to see me ride. Guess I just liked the attention. Then, I started riding 10+ miles at a clip. Or riding with my kids. Or riding a few hours of muni at a time. I have no patience for fools who want me to entertain when I’m trying to set a new personal speed record or ride 60 miles in 90 degree heat.

I say, be courteous, but you don’t owe them anything and they suck for trying to make you their personal clown.