Just released: New 2011 model Magrua HS33 hydraulic rim brakes

The folks at Magura have been busy. Looks like they abandoned the weaker radial piston lever design from 2005 and went back to a more motorcycle-style lever design. Looks interesting (sorta looks like the older Avid disc levers from 10 years ago??) The slave cylinders appear to have not changed much other than an updated logo and nicer flexible rubber boots for the lines.

Wonder how this will work for unicycles or if the blade is KH spooner compatible?? Anyone got one yet?


i dont run breaks why should i;)

That looks like a split bar clamp, which would be great to get on the center of a bar that doesn’t disassemble.

I am in Vancouver right now so I might stop by a bike shop and see if they have one so I can have a look at it.

The folks at Qu-ax provided a visual comparison of the HS33 mounted under the seat here … http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=193930&id=178595524180

Attached is the image for non-facebook users.

There is a greater distance between the lever and the handle on the new model. Either the under the seat brake mount or a newly designed spooner might be required.

That doesn’t look like much of an improvement for under saddle lever mounting. . . . .I could be wrong, but I’m thinking that is the longer four finger blade shown there. The two finger version looks more compact, but not sure if the blade will be significantly closer to the saddle.


The Qu-ax photo does indeed show a 4 finger level. There is a 2 finger lever available, but I don’t think it will make it much closer. The real issue is that Magura changed the lever shape, it doesn’t curve as much as it used to.

I looked through the 2011 HS33 service manual (http://www.magura.com/uploads/media/downloads/Felgenbremsen_WS2011_E.pdf) on page 9 they mention a reach adjustment screw for bringing the lever closer or further. No word on range.

I don’t think the lever angle on the new brake is much different than the old four finger levers, but if it is, you can use the adjusting screw to bring the lever closer to the grab handle.

I cut down one of my four finger levers and used a spooner, seemed placed the lever closer sorta like a two finger lever.

Bryce, are the levers with the vertical hose placement still available?

Knoxuni, maybe that’s because you don’t ride anything steep enough to require a brake?

Tell ya what, meet me for a ride sometime and I’ll take you places where you’ll wish you had a brake :stuck_out_tongue:

The vertical hose kit ?. . . . You mean the 90 degree fitting? - yup. I have a few of these and they are still available for the 2000-2009 levers, but I’m really not sure if these will fit on the new fittings and gadgets on these new levers.


Personaly I don’t like the look of the new magura brakes, it is pretty cool that you can change of part the colour of the brakes though http://tartybikes.co.uk/product.php?product_id=11390 , the silver on the 2011 HS33 looks a bit ugly in my opinion, I wish that the 2011 HS33 came in all black like the HS11. The compare of the new HS33 and HS11 http://www.magura.com/en/service/compare-magura-products.html?searchtype=0&action=prodModelle&noAjax=1&jahr=12&typ=2&products[]=491 there does not seem to be much of a differance between the two. "Hydraulic system closed, without expansion chamber closed, without reservoir " what does that mean? Also the newer brakes are slightly heavier compared to the older products.

Was at Interbike in Vegas during the week and saw the new brake but I didn’t think about checking for the spooner even if I had a spooner with me… :frowning:

  • I’m worried when I see the Qu-Ax image since I have small hands

on my fixie b*ke i have only one break

…nobody has two brakes on their uni’s…

jogi had: Mountainuni Disc Brakes Have Arrived! - #238 by jogi

on my fixie b*ke

touché :wink:

On my Fixed gear bike I dont have a brake and I do have one on my Muni… What does it changes if you have a brake on you bike or not?

I like the look of the older(2010) better than the new one, the new one looks like it’s going to get like the older ones(2005):stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I think the lever on my brake is similar to the 2011 one, I have the extra long lever on the HS-22 Raceline brake.

Custom dual Magura rim brakes on my tall tandem bike. For when you absolutley have to stop your freak-bike on a dime.


We got the brakes in last week as well and have been assessing them.

HS33 are available in 2 and 4 finger versions. HS11 are now identical to the HS33 for our use… except are only available in 4 finger version (but spare levers from the HS33 will fit in them). We really do need the 2 finger ones in my opinion. The Spooner does fit… but not as well as it does on the older levers. Cost is going up a LOT, this is partly due to the way that the brakes have been packaged. Although it is also that the prices have got up a lot as well. We are working with Magura to sort this out so we can keep the price down for everyone. The HS33 comes with the Brake booster and Evolution kits in box. The HS11 only comes with the Evolution kits. Currently they are not able to offer us the deal they had previously which was a brake without the extras… lets see how it works out, it is early days.

The brakes are nice, I do think in bike terms they have done well. For us I think time will tell. They will certainly be nice and servicable.

For those who want the older versions… Magura in Europe have a good supply of Silver levers (I think it is right… but I am not sure). They are going to be slow for Magura to shift as bikes want both sides… we don’t care. We have bought about 20 just to keep us going. We know these work.

I do think that unicycists do well from Magura in Europe partly because the main sales guy has 2 daughters who ride unicycles.


You might want to get that fixed?