Just received KH24, seatpost is too long, hacksaw ok?

My KH24 was just delivered an hour ago.

After assembly and gearing up, I realized the lowest seat post setting is about two inches too high, can I visit my bike shop on the corner and ask them to hacksaw that much off the seatpost? Will that that damage the seatpost?

I’ve used hacksaws. No probs so far. I’ve got a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade…cuts through like butter.

Do you have a pipe cutter, like a plumber uses? That will make a much neater cut, then you can file off the burr. That’s probably what the bike shop will do.

it’s a seat post though, who cares if it’s a straight cut.

if you already have a hacksaw and no pipecutter…use the saw

You’ll want to file down the end, however you do it

The only problem i can see is that it wont be quite as easy to get into the hole as it used to be. But like Brian says, some careful work with a file should sort that

Very careful with the edge, even better put a chamfer on it - if the edge is rough or even has just one bur, it can damage the seat tube and that’s a nightmare.

A pipe cutter (properly used) will leave a bur on the inside and is smooth on the outside, but it’s still better to chamfer it.


I took it to my bike shop friends on the corner, and they cut it and filed the burrs off the end.

The difference between my old 20" Dodger trainer and my new Kris Holm 24" MUni is truly amazing.

Thanks for your advice!

Re: Just received KH24, seatpost is too long, hacksaw ok?

I usually cut seatposts myself, but last time went to my friendly
local bike shop. As it turns out, they have a saw guide that clamps
onto a seatpost and gives a really clean cut with a hacksaw. They
know me and cut my seat post for free.

Remember to use a few drops of oil if cutting with a hacksaw.


yes it will damage the seatpost, that’s the point. a bike shop will do it for free if you ask politely.