Just Playing v2 - Street

So yep, another quick vid from me =]

Oh yeah, don’t care if people think the song dosn’t fit. Its just a quick vid and I wanted to use a song I actually like insted of something for the edit.

that was siiick. so much creativ things.
loved the bluntslide to 540 and the crank180 to crank (?)
amazing tricks ;D


Really fresh tricks and creative riding. :smiley:

cool vid and tricks =D
the first trick was like:" what did he just do?" and I’ve watch it more than 10times… and still don’t know it really good ^^ but it looks really nice :stuck_out_tongue:
the bluntslide to 540, crankgrap tricks,… were also amazing :roll_eyes:

Your better at blunts then me ;p I have lots of catching up to do. All these years riding street, I never focused on grind variations. Time to change that.

Thanks guys.

0:50 was smooth.
And so was the rest of it :stuck_out_tongue:

And, cool song. Trivium ftw.

You and Isaac are my new street heros. not just talking - DOING! :smiley:

argh, that was totally insane! i love the creativity
can i ask why you use a fisheye though? i can see it looks nice, but, for me at least, on some of the clips it kinda ruins the perspective of what you’re doing
its probably just me
again, amazing video - you rule! :smiley:

Your right! Its just me, I can’t take my fisheye off :stuck_out_tongue: addicted.

I am impressed… that was truly worth the watch. Terrific combos and smooth.
5 stars from me.

Massive rolling hop at .45. Nice vid

That was sick man. I like the soccer kick foot plant out of the grind for that first trick. It really looked sweet. I cant wait to see all this foot plant/grind/crankplant etc that you are doing put together with all of the great things you can already do.
Really, love the style.

how big was the rolling hop??

I dunno, not big. lol. Hoping to get it to rubber someday. Havn’t tried.