Just Playing - Street Riding

Casual stuff, just having fun :slight_smile:

Broke my CF base so don’t expect another vid for a while :frowning:

Special thanks to Isaac Conyers, if you havn’t checked out his new vid yet, watch it now.

hey chris!

very nice editing and nice chill riding style
awesome video :astonished: i really like all the flips out of pedal/crank grab!
and flip into grind and out was so nicely done!!

keep it up!

Nice to see a street vid again! Flip into and out of grind was cool, never seen that before.

How’d you manage to break your cf seat? :thinking:

Its just old and I didn’t really look after it :stuck_out_tongue:

haha ur giving me a plug everywhere :roll_eyes: thanks man, but seriously, it was u who inspired me first so u deserve the thanks (which i gave in the credits)

this video is just so chill. after watching i wanted to make another video, but then i remembered how much of a bitch making good videos can b. incredibly good effort for just one day man! (or two?)

I Llllliked it!

how do yu like beating up your ankles all the time with your new koxx cranks? I recently swithed to moment 137 because of that problem.

Was actually 3 days filming, can tell from my clothes lol. Was gonna make it a one day vid, but decided to throw in my unused clips.

Thank the lord for ankle protection! :smiley: My gf who is learning to ride, hates the new cranks hah

not happy

yeah i dunno when im getting all my special thanx off you guys and al lmy plugs but whatever, lol and yeah never seen flip in/flip out of grind before chris, oh wait i did in my DCS vid last year thats right, liking the flip outa handrail and 180flip over seat :slight_smile:

Hahaha I know I know.

Are you aloud to ride moments? otherwise, you don´t flip faster or anything with koxx cranks, i´ve had them because i thaught moments were clumbsy, but now i don´t need to be afraid of beat up ankles anymore…

Nice to see something a little bit different, really enjoyed watching this!

Dude, awesome. Nice and smooth.

finish ur new video and then we will actually hav somthing to plug lol

sick video sir… I need to get out there and get some sweet uni action on tape!!!

awesome vid :smiley:
good music,editing,nice lines and flow and creative tricks…
and the flip-in flip-out@ 1:55 was sick!!

I liked it. A bit too many crankgrabs but whatever.

2:06 was really cool and simple in my opinon.

Thats actually my fave trick in the whole vid. Simple but nice.

Yeah man! really relaxed video, alot of fun to watch. :slight_smile: no doubt fun to film too! Really weird you riding a not blue frame though! … you just had to beat me with that 360 over the wall and down the drop didnt you :stuck_out_tongue: was siick! nice work with all of it.

I wish I could just goof off and have fun, and have it look that awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re the man, Chris. Simple as that.

Some really cool moves and tricks… enjoyed watching :slight_smile: