Just ordered my new Muni

I ordered a new Kris Holm 24" XC Muni today from Unicycle.uk.com.

It should be with me on Thursday, I can’t wait.

Innes :smiley:

Am i right in thinking that the difference between the XC and the standard 24" is the tyre and nothing else?


Somebody else in Scotland with a muni!

Go Innes! Muni is wicked! You’ll love being on a bigger wheel!

Like amanda says, let us know what it’s like.

Take it easy man!



You might get lucky and get I a day earlier than expected -

I ordered a replacement saddle online from Unicycle.uk.com last Wednesday at about 2pm and ita arrived first (only) post Thursday morning!

and it has a slightly skinnier rim (4 mm less)

But presumably the decreased mass is only becasue it has a smaller tyre, rim and cranks? 150mm seems a bit of a strange choice, i regularly swap betwen 170mm and 140mm on my KH/Nimbus 24", the 140s are still perfectly good for off-road and trials, wonder why they decided on two lengths so close together?

I can’t see me being able to do jumps like you Tom, but it will be great having it for the trails, and some of the hill tracks I am planning.

I think I will wait before I make that video Amanda, a video of me riding through the woods would put everyone to sleep!

I don’t think it will get here before Thursday totally_hooked, that’s nothing to do with Unicycle.uk.com; parcels seem to slow down a gear north of Perth. It would be a real bonus if it did come tomorrow though; I have no plans for tomorrow night.

I did think about just going for the 24" free ride, but the lighter wheel and tyre swayed me towards the XC. I asked at Unicycle.uk.com, and they said they can supply longer cranks in the future for me if I feel the need. With the type of riding I am planning, I will never need a full spec freeride; the XC will be more than strong enough for me.


I’ve just got a onza muni myself.
I love the beast.
Look out up those mountains!

It’s here!:smiley:

It looks great, and rides even better, I have just had a couple of rides on it so far, as I was away hill walking and camping last night, but I am going out over the week-end.

The tyre looks huge, and that’s just the 2.6", I can’t imagine how big the 3" tyre looks.


I’ve just been out for my first proper practice on my onza. my god i love the tyre. It just kinda sticks to the road. Awesome.

i just got a Qu-Ax muni and its awsome
cant wait to see a movie