Just ordered a T7

I was looking through some threads on the site, and I someone mentioned that there was a sale at unicyle.uk.com. I had a look and saw that the T7 Handle was reduced to £25.

So my KH 29" will soon have a nice new T7 for a bit of road Unicycling.

Cool! :sunglasses:

WHOAH that’s very weird.

I too saw the sale yesterday, and today purchased the very same T7 touring handle for my KH29 :smiley: . I hope it inspires me to go on some longer rides.

WHAT you mean you will unicycle instead of on the forums and pub because youll be riding so far! lol

Nah, i’ll probly ride to a different pub, far away :stuck_out_tongue:

Come to think of it… I’m actually going to the pub in a minute lol.

Congrats to both of you. The T7 will transform the way you ride distances, and looks fantastic on a 29er.


I’m waiting for the new improved handle

Yup T7 enhances

Great enhancement to your 29"



Is it possible to use whilst muniing on the 29? Or is it too much of a risk in case of UPD?

What is the new handle going to be like?

You wont regret it.

Tons of room for fancy toys.

Now you need to customize a fender

Picture 3.png

Picture 8.png

Picture 10.png

Picture 7.png

Picture 6.png

I can’t imagine that the T7 will stand up to a lot of MUni abuse. The lever arm for breaking the welds at the rail plate is huge.

agentQ - I can still see some blue paint showing through on your T7. What gives? You have not been trying hard enough with the accessories. :wink:

that’s rediculous.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible, but depending on the terrain, I wouldn’t generally recommend it. Fire roads and moderate XC where there’s little chance of a UPD should be fine. On more technical trails it won’t give you any advantage, is likely to get damaged, and could easilly damage you with the odd UPD or two.

Even on roads I have managed to bruise myself (and left blue paint on my shoes!) from UPDing - and I don’t UPD much!


Don’t know. But I’m linking this thread to the great news for 36" enthusiasts thread (not literally but in my head). So maybe it will have the toast rack :slight_smile:

That’s very clever. And that would be why they’r selling th old T7s off so cheap in the sale :astonished: .

Indeed :slight_smile:

Yes, but it sucks for muni. It is okay on fireroads and stuff, but you just don’t have the same level of control that you have on a handle closer to the seat.


I’m sure someone from one of the unicycle.coms posted saying something about it not having the pointy bits that potentially whack you if you fall off, having curves where the two prongs fit on.


That brake lever looks like it is asking to be destroyed on a UPD. Maybe it is just the pic, but it looks too close for comfort for me. I see lots of pics of people riding with their brake lever attached there though…I have the same brakes and if I had a T7 I think I would be afraid to place it there. Is there much clearance on a UPD? It looks like the T7 handle might just barely hit the ground first.

p.s. Nice accessories.