Just orderd my costum trial uni.


I just made my own trials uni:

Seat:Blue Nimbus Gel 39,90€

Seat Post: 25.4mm x 350mm black 8.90€

Seat Post Clamp: for 25.4mm Posts - Alu Silver 2 Bolts 7.00€

Frame: 20 Inch Standard Frame Black 19.90€

Rim: 19 Inch Trials Kris Holm 36 Holes 29.90€

Hub/Crankset: Koxx ISIS 140 mm 130.00€

Tire: 20 x 2.5 Inch Luna Trials Tire 26.90€

Tube: 20 x 2.5 - 2.7 Inch with Schrader valve - for trials 7.90€

Pedals: Specialized magnesium 40€

Spokes and lacing: 20€

Total price:330.40€

The CrMo frame will be replaced by a KH20" frame in september, so the CrMo frame will be for sale in september for your interest.
Tell me what you think of my costum uni.

Peter M

It sounds like a mighty sweet rig…Do you just ride Trials or do you ride Street aswell?

Mostly trial but I do like to grind a ledge or a rail.
And with this uni I will work on my fliptricks (can do a 180° unispin with a 24" but it sucks) to.

Peter M

nice thinkin! i like the idea… the uni is gonna look good, but even better when you get the kh frame!

Yeah but I’m gonna spray paint this frame red or pink, black is so normal:p

Peter M

nice! a guy i know painted his uni pink, it looks kinda “un-normal” if you understand, but yo, its really cool! Jess has painted his as well… it looks cool

did you already order it then? It sounds awesome. post pics when it’s all together.

I allready orderd it yeah.
Together with the DVD Spaced Out.
Is that a good DVD by the way?
Ryan Atkins is in it so it must be :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

that sound sweet.:stuck_out_tongue: me jelous. I can’t wait to get my trials. have you ever tried the nimbus trials?

Nope only KH24" and the KH cranks suck.

Peter M

opps I ment to say have you tried the nimbus trials seat? :roll_eyes: I want to know how the grip is for sif. but Im guessing you havent because you’ve only riddin the KH. any ways let me know how it is when you get it

No I already had the Nimbus trials (gel) sadel.
Works great for trial.
Very thin and grips well.

Peter M

Does anybody know what spokes I must buy to fit a Koxx one ISIS hub into the KH 19" rim?

Peter M

any spokes, preferably stainless steel. you just need to get the right length.

Yeah I meant the length.

Peter M

unicycle.co.uk has a spoke calculator somewhere on the site… Just do a search.

Got it today.
Now I have to let the wheel laced and spray paint the frame and then I post some pictures.

Peter M

OK so today it’s finely ready, so here’s a picture:

Cool or not? :sunglasses:
Say what YOU think about it.




i want that uni!