Just One - my response to skrobo's callout

Here it is everyone. Its finaly up. Its not as good as I would have liked because I have broken my toe and cant film for a while. I had to leave out a few clips and tricks and wasnt able to refilm some of the worse clips but still, I hope you like it.

Damn dude…didn’t you just learn crankflips and 360 unispins. Now you’re crankflipping a 5 set!!! That was a pretty good video.

It was quite a few weeks ago that I landed my first crankflip and taking them down sets isnt that hard as long as you comit yourself and have confedence.

Great video! Although, I am wondering if you actually rode out of the crankfilp down the 5 set. It looked like it was cut pretty quick after you hit the ground.

yeh it was because his filmer cut it off and then it rained when he went back, i believe him because he was so pissed at his ginger filmer lol
it is a great video, well impressive xx

I know, Im anoyed about it and I was re-filming it but I bust my foot and broke my toe so that ended up being the best shot, I also wanted to refilm some other shots and grind the rail but my foot is realy bad and I want it to heel fast so I can ride again. heres the film off the camera of me flipping the 5set with nothing eddited out so it has all my falls its pretty funny to watch :smiley:

when my foots better I will get a better shot for you

are you gonna make a thread for people to vote in with a poll?

uh I guess so, I was going to leave that to skrobo though

skobo got pwned! youre WAY better then him in pretty much everyway :wink:

amanda, you are so hot.

who are you? wats with the random comments?

Oookaaay… Considering your other posts, that is officially… very scary. My suggestion to you? Go away, quietly, and very quickly.

Concerning transport to a unicycle event or smth:

'nuff said?

That was awesome, you are improving soooo fast. I remember when you learned 360 unispins and crankflips a just a while ago. I still can’t even crankflip.

I would say that you won.

nice flip down the four and a half set
youbeat scobo i rection

hmm, sparkys user title still says “riding 5 months, soon to be gliding”
i think ill change mine to “riding 5 months-gliding is fun!”

you pwned scrobo, and i do absolutely no street/trials riding (well, maybie a little bit…)sooo…:smiley:

scobo would beat you in trials and hops and probably all your other moves sept flips. It is pretty obvious that you have been riding for 5 or so months but your flips and hops are awesome, rolling 360 unispin was nice too.

I really liked it :slight_smile:

Judging by these two videos:
Overal I’d say skrobo’s is better.

But if this was just a street call out, you would have the edge.

dude, i agree, but i don’t know about my video, i don’t like it anymore.
yesterday… i rolled up to a HUGE 12 set, biggest I have ever seen. steps were at least 13" across… and i stepped off. i know i can do it. i hate it(not that my friend saying " you can’t do it" helped anything, he can’t hit an 8). i need to ride more, thanks marcus. i think you just convinced me to get off my but and learn some street stuff (crankflips), and get back to launching stairsets. I’m going to do something massive.

yeah, i knew that he was better than me at street, i don’t know about mine being better. if his had more flow it would be a MUCH better video. but what do you expect, it is his 2nd video. its my 6th? (not all of them were posted to these forums at all)

Your always going to feel that way about videos. I mean once you make a video you should post it as soon as possible, or else in a few days you’ll learn a new trick like a crankflip then want to wait untill you can do it down some sets before you post your vid. Then by the time you learn to do that all of your other tricks are out dated and you have to start again ahahahohoho.