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I’ve always wanted to merge sideways wheelwalk into a street line, where you air onto something into the trick and air off out of the trick. I took some time a month back to work on a variation in my backyard. I thought of this trick while filming Defect, but never could get my balance to air out of it.

Normally I don’t post stuff online, but I think this will help inspire some people to take this trick into more street lines.



I did the first part of that a while ago in a vid of mine (link in my sig).

The whole thing looks sweet. I really like that kind of stuff.

Nice! Yeah, the last part was what held me back from doing the whole line. It’s hard to stop your momentum right near the edge of what you want to air out of.

I found it’s easiest if you do a more choppy sideways wheel walk, where you sort of jump up and down instead of just holding all your weight on the seat. While it isn’t quite as smooth it gives you more control over when you can stop.

The other issue is that you’ll usually have the cranks off, so you can either spin the cranks right at the end of your sideways wheel walk or spin them as you are airing out.

holy cow that was awesome…

Dan, that was nice.
Good to see your still riding but you need to put more vids online…:wink:


+1! seriously.
that was amazing! I need to go out and practice!

yea nice , :sunglasses: that was mad:(

Very nice, I hope you make an uni dvd again soon :).


How you be so cool?

The link isnt working for me, so wht is it called, i went to your gallery and cannot find it?
I can sideways wheel walk down a 2 step, and hop, then wheel walk, ect for prolly 20-30 meters.

Thanks for posting! I love lines like that.

that was great. the 270 off the end was crazy. so nice dan

The link isn’t working for me!

Do you have a different webpage for it?
like youtube or something?
we cannot see it?
The site wont come up.

I still cannot get the video out, but i was going through dans gallery watching the champions thing, and with the guy named Zach, he fractured his testies!?!? :astonished:

How did he end up doing that ouch!!!:o
My parents would not let me unicycle if they saw that movie!:frowning:

yo dan!
keep going man! i like your stuff!

i hope we can see more videos from you soon

you are a great rider and you got a good eye on film making :slight_smile:

That is really cool. Why don’t you post stuff on the internet more? I really like watching it.

It’s just like you to do something like that!
:stuck_out_tongue: slick :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, we want to see more of your riding!