Just nailed one-foot wheel-walking!


I just wanted to brag to someone out there that can apreciate the
sence of accomplishment I feel!

Everyone else out there who can’t ride a unicycle at all is clueless
as to how many hours of work and failure I went through. They seem to
look at it and say “that’s great! and once you learn to use both feet,
you can learn to ride using the pedals!”

Thanks for letting me brag a little! I am going to start trying to
glide next. At times it feels like I am gliding a little while one
foot wheel walking. If only I could figure out how to get a little
more momentum going and keep in control. I don’t have anyone who
lives anywhere near me who can ride very well so I am trying to figure
out new skills by trial and error with out any coaching.

Any pointers?

  • Jacob - from Arizona

Good Job! I can’t give any advice as I am around the same point as you, but I’m sure someone will. It takes alot of work to get to this point and it feels good to know that someone appreciates the skill. The common people aren’t much impressed by challenging tricks, at least not considering the amount of work required to learn it. That is why it is always important to take pleasure in your own success.

  • Sal

Good job! I’m up to 1/2 a gym length for wheel walking. (but at this point, I’m only still wheelwalking because I haven’t fallen off yet…although, I remember a short time ago saying the same thing about 1 foot riding)

What did you find as a logical progression from 2 foot wheel walking to one foot WW?

Can you 2 foot WW indefinetly?

It does feel good doesn’t it!

I have gotten used to being satisfied with my new ability breakthroughs on my own. I was the only one I knew of anywhere near me that knew how to do much on a unicycle. Now, there are a few people in my general area that I have found that ride too. Most of them have not thought much about trying new tricks though. They are fun to impress when I get to see them, but it would be fun if they learned some new things too!

I wish I could see someone who knew how to glide. I can’t quite pick up how to learn it just looking at still pictures of someone gliding.

How far can you go and how long can you do it?

Are you maintaining your speed or constantly slowing down?

Does your one foot stay constantly on the wheel or just tap it when needed to keep control?

  • By the way -

I figured out how to register since I put that first post on there. I stumbled on this on Google which let me post messages but I couldn’t figure out how everyone was adding signatures and getting profiles and stuff. Now I found the same forum on the Unicyclist Community which lets me register. Pretty neat! :smiley:

  • Jake the freak

Sorry - took so long writing that other one that I didn’t notice someone else had asked a question.

  • I can wheel walk pretty much indefinately now - (most of the time!)

I was riding around and started wondering how it would be possible because someone suggested I try it. I started wheel walking and when I put my right foot back by the fork to start pushing the tire forward I just rested my left foot on the fork and leaned back slightly farther than I was before. I pushed the tire forward but only about 3-4 inches and then slid my foot back to the fork again and started pushing again. the first time I tried it I actually got about 5-6 pushes in before loosing it!

I went to a gym another day and spent a couple hours working on it and now I can do it about halfway accross the gym.

Sometimes when I start to lean forward too far I have to really shuv the tire hard to get it back undernieth me and as I slowly drag my foot back again I actually glide for a foot or two. I just don’t know how to keep gliding. Maybe I need to find a downhill slope?

  • Jake the freak

What size wheels you boys on?


Re: Just nailed one-foot wheel-walking!

On 11 Feb 2003 13:01:18 -0800, jakp@juno.com (Jacob) wrote:

>They seem to
>look at it and say “that’s great! and once you learn to use both feet,
>you can learn to ride using the pedals!”

LOL. Reminds me of a possible comeback to the infamous “Where’s the
other wheel?” … “Too difficult to control two wheels”.

Klaas Bil

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congrats! new skills are great!

You aren’t far from gliding. Keep practicing your 1foot WW to were you are comfortable and confident you wont fall off.
Then start out by 1foot WWing and on one of your pushes, give it an extra hard push, but keep your foot on the tire.
You have to find the right amount of pressure your foot is putting on the tire, cause you dont want to much or you’ll slow too fast or fly off, or too little, cause then you’ll be practicing coasting.
So play around with it.
It is also helpfull to practice gliding going slightly downhill.
Trial and error is a good technique, thats how I learned also, heh. You just have to be dedicated and persistant to what you want to accomplish.
I advise 20inch for gliding, its much easier. Have fun!
Gliding rules!

My longest distance glide is about 100 meters or so down a huge hill. You want to keep a good steady speed, and go as fast as you can control it, otherwise you’ll end up wiping out real bad.
I always keep my foot on the wheel when gliding, if you dont then you are coasting. But sometimes you have to adjust the amount of pressure your foot is putting on the wheel, like if your going to fast then press down a bit more and it works as a brake. You’ll figure that stuff out later, the first part is just getting used to gliding, then you can perfect it more so theres less dismounts.

This info is based on my experience with gliding. I dont know if others would have comments or a different perspective about it?

I’ ve just started trying ww one footed and I have a question: wich foot do you put on the fork? Your strong foot? Your chocolate foot? The foot you use when you ride one footed or the other?
I feel better pushing with my chocolate foot (the foot that I put on the frame riding and idling one footed). Do this sound weird?

its up to you, either will work.

a while back i managed to do a couple of revolutions 1 foot ww with my spare foot extended.
surely joe public would apriceate that!

Nope. They’d rather see you jump rope or ride a giraffe.

Yeah, they probly would :slight_smile:

But I agree with evilwan, whatever suits you best.
I usualy keep my nondominant foot one the frame and push with my dominant, but I can also use my nondominant foot to push.
Use whatever foot feels comfortable.
It does kinda sound wierd the way giocologgi does it, cause usualy the foot thats on the crown is used to resting there and your other foot is used to doing all the work, so you would naturaly use the working foot to push, oh well, good luck!

chocolate foot

I find that I use my left foot “chocolate foot” for one foot on the wheel stuff.

I found my right foot to be too much of a control freak to get the semi touch

Thanks to all of you! Maybe I’m not abnormal (or not completely abnormal)

sorry 4 being the ABSOLUTE DUMBASS, but can i just get one thing cleared up

There are two skills; Gliding and Coasting
one is with the foot as a brake, the other is with both feet on the frame, and it looks like u guys call them the opposites to me
just confirm this???

Gliding is with one foot dragging on the wheel. Coasting is nothing on the pedals or wheel.

Well i am right-footed, and i use my left foot to do the ww, the right foot rests on the frame.

also try to do a little variation : if you ww with the left foot, don’t put your other foot on your frame, but strech out the leg in front of you… a little more difficult…


On Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:49:37 -0600, James_please02
<James_please02.iwzac@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>There are two skills; Gliding and Coasting
>one is with the foot as a brake, the other is with both feet on the

Breathingmurder gave a correct answer. Coasting is nothing on the
pedals or wheel. It’s not that both feet need to be on the frame.
There is one-foot coasting, and some people contend there’s zero-foot
coasting as well.

<www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/sem_teresa.htm> third picture.

Klaas Bil
[this is a repost - original usenet post seems to have missed the forum]

Sherman (shermanator02) one foot wheel walks with his non wwing foot hanging behind him. the advatage of this is that he can counterbalance, but it’s quite hard to glide from that as he has the foot not acting as a brake dangling out the back!