Just moved to Kissimmee FL

Hey Guys,

Just came to Kissimmee, Florida from Ontario Canada. Looking for people in the area to hang out with. I was only able to bring my 26er with me but I enjoy all kinds of riding. I’m 18 y/o and have been riding here and there since I was 13.

Anyway if anyone’s in the area please reach out!!


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Yo man! Im about an hour and a half from Kissimmee area but the is a Facebook group you can join if you are on Facebook called “Orlando unicycles” I think and there a a few people in your area I believe. We meet up every once and awhile and ride together it’s great.

Right on Daniel, thanks man! I’ll go check that out. Hopefully we can connect sometime!!

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I believe there’s a group of people from central Florida area going to Alabama for STOMP muni fest in October also if you might be interested in going to that.

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Ok cool! I’m definitely going to look into that, sounds like a ton of fun.

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