Just Mark

So finally here it is! I hope you like the video and a special thanks to Alister Burt for helping me with the song. :slight_smile: comment if you’d like!

Yeah a very nice vid with great lines and the game at last was very funny!
But 1 point was not good your lense at your cam was dirthy!

epic riding! love his style, one of the best now for sure.

  • props for last scene with mario music. great idea guys :)!

Haha that was very cool. Makes me really want to get into trials! And ditto on the comment about the filthy lens. Ending was a good idea as well.

I enjoyed that Aidan, and Mark’s just a beast.

I really liked the last part :stuck_out_tongue: Good idea :wink:

Really smooth trials! And the ending was really funny too!

very very nice! loved that, smooth trials, chilled edit and a nice original idea at the end, favourited :smiley:

The riding was awesome, some pretty big lines.

That was hella awesome! Hopefully I’ll be good enough to put a video of myself up…someday.

Thanks!!! and cant wait to see if you make a vid!