just made unicycle keyring

bit of playing around turned a picture into a stainless steel unicycle keyring


Cool. What did you cut it with?

cut it out on a sodick wire edm machine took about 10 mins

Very cool and creative!

Oh yeah. I think I have one of those here somewhere. :roll_eyes:

:)i wanted to test out autotrace in cad and then i decided to cut it out ,:slight_smile:

Love it! I want one!!!

hi justonewheel you can have one
if you give me your postal address

I Thank You!!!

Just One Wheel Inc
26 Laurel Pl
Bethpage, NY 11747

Looking forward to it. Once I receive, I can sell them for you to my unicycle clients as I have a unicycle training school.

Thanks again,


hi adam just sent you couple airmail