Just like riding a bicycle...

It’s been much too long since I’ve ridden my unicycle. Much, much too long. (I’ve a whole list of excuses but those don’t really matter)

I went for my first ride in about a year yesterday, and my second today. Obviously, it was quite casual, but still fun and productive. Much to my surprise I didn’t really have that much trouble riding again after such a long hiatus.

Just thought I’d let you all know! I’m hoping that I can become active daily again.

Good to be back isn’t it? I learned to ride in a straight line when I was 12. I didn’t touch a uni again until I was 49. It took about 1/2 hour to consistently ride in a straight line again. Pretty amazing how muscle memory hangs on.

how long has it been since youve riden?

My experience was different. I rode a uni a lot for transportation when I was in my mid twenties. After that every few/five/ten years I would see someone with a uni and ask to ride it and was able to mount and ride around a bit. Then when I was 50 I decided to start riding again and ordered a Nimbus. At the same time we bought locally a cheap united uni for my fiancee. When I tried to mount it I couldn’t. I tried and tried and tried and finally resorted to holding on to something. Once I started pedalling I could ride forward but turning was not in my current skill set.

Most of it came back pretty quickly but there was definintly a learning process.

Flash forward a year and I spend about 6 weeks in the hospital. When I come out I again can’t free mount again and have to learn again. Since I had lost so much muscle it really took some time learn again.

Great to see that you are back in the saddle!

How did your leg mend up Kyle? Is that the reason for your loooooong vacation from unicycling? Actually riding totaly helped me mend my broken leg. When riding you actually put very little wight on your leg but move the anke some. So it was a great transition before actually walking without crutches.