Just Learning

I’d like to thank everyone for their replies to my thread. It seems my seat was too low about 6cm. Since I have raised it I seem to automatically have more weight on it, and my legs last longer. I do not seem to have the innate good balance to ride off into the sunset however, so I am going to continue using my ski poles for a while longer and hope I smooth out some more. I’m also going to start practicing trying to idle in my house, hoping this helps with balance while moving. Thanks Again

I would try uni’ing outside in a bigger area. You have more freedom and don’t have to worry about breaking anything. Unless you have a huge gym hidden somewhere in your house, just go to a tennis court, theres bound to be a local one near you. Well, dont hurt yourself, and have fun!


Did more riding tonite, I made a real effort to position my hips forward and keep my back real straight. I also tried to keep as much weight as possible on the seat. Doing all of the above seemed to smooth me out and give me more control. Thanks to all for their advice, and to all the Brits out there, I’m having a glass of Bass in your honor.


The pleasure is ours. Having a place like this to swap hints and find out how to do something which (when all is said and done) is a fairly odd thing to try to do, is wonderful.

Anyway, we’re Scottish - have a whisky instead :slight_smile:

Re: Just Learning

The idle is pretty hard for a beginner. I would focus on riding and turning first.

Just my opinion. Keep it up!

Good job keep up the good work. Im learning how to ride backwards and one footed.