Just learning

Here is my 11 year old Devin learning to ride our $5 18" Uni…
This is just after I replaced the tire and tube, bearings, sand blasted and painted the whole thing and had the rim trued…
Anyone know where I can find a cheap saddle?
Standard 4 bolt setup like my KH… I just cant see spending a whole bunch because he’ll be getting a new uni in 4-5 months.

How do you guys get the vid to show up in the post?

Great job in the uni and Devin looks like he’s learning fast!

Here’s a saddle at UDC for $10.

This one is far better and has a lift handle, and it’s less than $16.

If it wern’t for the rocket ship sticker on the cranks, I’d say watching this vid was a waste of time. Good call sir.