Just learning to wheel-walk

Hi again everybody

I have been into MUni for about six months now, and am finally learning some freestyle and trial goodies. I have spent about three good exhausting hours trying to learn to wheelwalk but cannot get the lightbulb in my brain to kick in. Any tips for tomorrow’s attempt?

Try to lean back, but dont allow the saddle to slip out from under you.

lean back as in like 11 o’clock or more?

Toe-Heel, Toe-Heel, Toe-Heel. Just think about that.

Yes! That’s the problem I had, thank you poseidon.

so now you got it?

Three tips
-take long strokes
-lean backwards slightly (relative to normal riding)
-start off going slow.


Tips for doing it? sit tall.

Tips for learning?

  • Patience. I reckon learning to WW (from being able to e.g. one-foot idle) took as long as learning to ride the uni in the first place
  • Get your footing right first, i.e. so you don't have to look at the wheel, before you start trying to balance as well ;)
  • A corridor or something where you can put one hand on each wall at the same time helps [B]a lot[/B]. Then you can learn the forwards-backwards balance first.
  • A lot of people say practising riding normally but really really slowly helps too, 'coz the fastest speed you can WW is pretty slow in comparison to normal riding. I didn't find that helped me much tho...
  • Some form of protection from the painful falling-straight-onto-your-tailbone impact con be a good idea too - especially if practicing on concrete...

HTH and good luck!

hahahahaha…yeah. well, for me it took like two weeks spread out to learn to ride, and like 3 months to learn to wheelwalk. so yeah, patience. it might take a little more than three hours :slight_smile: .

The Only tip that I dont see here is that you need to look forward; where you are going. It is so hard not to look at the wheel or your feet as you are doing it, But when I was learning I was told to sit straight up and look forward. I fouind it helped me lots!

Keep your back straight, and lean back a LOT.
Also, keep a lot of weight on the tire so it won’t move at all when you don’t want it too.

wow…i have no idea how that ^^^^ happened…

its happened in a few other threads, one saying I posted at 4:30am when I was obviously sleeping. it doesnt seem to register that you have posted it and it always seems to be the same as what you have previously posted in the thread. strange.