just learned ww (finally)

i finally learned how to wheel walk! im so happy, it took me forever. im still a little shaky on the transfer back, but i can get it if i concentrate. im already halfway to level 6, by having learned most of that stuff previously. the only thin i think might be a problem is the hop standing on wheel. also, i acheived 21" height that day. also, some grinding. i must have had my balance pants on that day. im so awesome.

Balance pants??? It was obviously a unique mix of temperature, barometric pressure and lack of hobo. I also think I can WW fairly far now. And I got that 21’’. And the grinding.

Twas a good day for Philly riders.

Edit:Except for Joe.

Out of interest - How long ya been riding?

3/2 of a year.

Re: just learned ww (finally)

Great… Now I need new pants to learn this damn sport!


(you learn somethin’ everyday)

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Newtouni, some day you will find out that pants is everything. Some people are still on the quest to being pantsworthy.

Re: Re: Re: just learned ww (finally)

How true How true. LL Bean slacks are my freestyle pants of choice.

And Tim in the suburbs wait you are in the suburbs to Kev.