just learned the Kick up mount

While at the ultimate frisbee tourney in San Diego this weekend, I learned how
to do the kick up mount. After reading about it in the FAQ, I was interested,
but wanted to see it done before trying it for the first time. While riding
around at the tourney I meet a couple of riders from out of town. Adam from NM
was just goofing around with my uni and did the kick up so I just had to learn
then. I can only do it one out of 10 times, but I’m working on it. I had it down
in the grass, but now that I’m on pavement there are new challenges (I don’t
want to dive off.) :slight_smile:

I told Adam about the list and maybe we’ll see him here soon. He used to ride in
Philly and was telling me about riding Tom Miller’s 10’ uni. That sounds like a
blast, but falling is not appealing. :slight_smile:

 _ _ Doug Borngasser
(o)(o)             San Diego CA db db@ucsd.edu \__/ You know you're a
                   unicyclist when walking feels strange.