just landed a 720

I landed a 720 unispin, I was practising 540s and had only landed a few I was struggling with the timing but I kept finiding myself overspinning the uni and that i was managing to catch the saddle after it had span 720 I wasnt realy thinking about it and i just span and snapped my feet in and I landed one. who else in the uk has landed these? i get the feeling not many people can. I havnt got it on film because i am at school and i couldnt brinig it all in and i wasnt exspecting to land it but i will try and maybe film it tomorrow because i have a class now, i realy want to land another. and yes i am positive that it was a 720 and not a 360.

I cant wait for the video.

Now just overthrow it by a bunch and go for a 900. =p

screw u marky, i hate how you get these unispin tricks in like no time…i still cant 540, JK JK good job man i am jealos tho, im at school now and i really wanna land a 540 so hopefully by the end of the week.

Who is all 7spinning now? Loic, Some other French Kid, a French guy (saw him at fluck), that australian guy landing seat in, Fredrick Justines (sp? sorry man) Myself, You, is luke doing them yet? They aren’t too hard, i’m doing a tutorial on them today so hopefully more people learn.

-Shaun Johanneson

shaun do a 540 tutorial, i cant figure out what im doing wrong…

Wow good job! Thats very impressive.

No we need a good 360 unispin tutorial :p.

No but im excited for the 720 unispin tutorial just to watch not to practice:p, when will it be on youtube?


marky already has a perfect one, i think allyou need to do isaac is jump over the uni alil bit and i think ud land it…

Yeah your right he has a good tutorial…And yeah ive watched my attempts at 360s and I think I just dont jump enought because I get to the 270 mark and then fall…I think I get the right amount of spin though…I should practice, but I only can practice in my basement which is carpet…actaully my buddy who rides has a concrete basement so I will practice with him there…


your mad close dude, hopefully youl get 360’s soon and ill get 540’s soon;)

I’ve gotten pretty close to a 720 before. I’ve also got somewhat close to a 720 outspin :p:p . cant wait to get those two! Good job man, yeah you should land a 900 u-spin by accident too. That would be cool. but only if it was by accident…

Thanks for all your coments guys, im still amazed I got it. I have a maths revision class tomorrow which realy sucks because its for near enough the whole day and I think it will be dark when I get back. On friday I am going to ride at school and film hopfuly all the shots I need for my latest video because noone will be in school. I will try and land another but on film but I will mainly be concentrating on filming some flips down the sets and stuff because it may be the only chance I get to film at my school. on saterday however I will definatly try and land them on film if so I will put it up straight away.

Well, thats the most wierd way of speling my name I’ve ever seen… :stuck_out_tongue:
Updating the list:

  • Loic
  • Adrien Delecroix
  • Mathuet Huet
  • Shaun
  • Matty P
  • Fredrik (me)
  • Klas
  • Daniel Adelander
  • Sparky Marky (does he have a real name?)
  • Luke (?)

yeah that is a good tutaorial

i am getting to about the same point, can you land 270’s isaac, b/c i was SO close to them. i had both feet on the tire, and hands on the seat, but the uni was at too much of an angle and the seat got ripped out of my hands from too much leverage every time. then i fell and sprained my wrist so im calling it quits till my wrist is bett. i think if i can get 270’s i can get 360’s. i also think if i get shin armour ill be able to do them for more then 15-20 min per day b4 my shins are hurting from reapeated bruises in the same spot. keep it up isaac!

awesome on the 720 sparky! thats pretty awesome! i also would like to see the vid, it must be cool to be a part of a very small list of ppl who have landed i from all around the world!

yeah I was practicing them today and got them (270 unispin) go to my youtube account and you will see it…Its pretty cool, you will get it!:slight_smile:
Keep it up!


Good Job Sparky.

You are so good it makes me sick. You have been riding for less then a year right?

Firstly, FAR OUT SPARKY NICE WORK!!! That’s amazing man. Hopefully you can land some more and get consistent at them.

Secondly, good work Isaac. Man you snap the uni round quickly for the last 90 degrees! I too landed 270s before 360s. It was actually quite a while afterwards before I landed 360s. The best advice I can give is to jump straight upwards over the uni, commit to landing it (believe in yourself!) and snap your legs in to land on the cranks. Good luck

Good work, Marcus. Why can I not 540 yet? Anyone care to explain?

I dont know, could be something in the air?

Yea, awsome marcus. Thats really something to be proud of, seeing as there are little people in the world who can do them. Congratulations.:slight_smile:

Nice one Sparky. I don’t know if anyone has landed a 720 in the UK.
Keep it up, you haven’t been riding for very long have you?


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