Just Jump-Unicycling and BMX

Finally a new video, with almost all new footage. Its street and trials unicycling combined with some bmx. My camera only takes 10 second videos, so I couldn’t put any long lines in it, so most of the clips are balls out stuff rather than extremely difficult stuff. Hope you enjoy.

No coments :thinking:
I thought it was very good. The riding wasnt ground breaking but it was pretty good. I thought the editing and the combination of bmx and uni worked well to make a very enjoyable video to watch that definatly kept my atention throughout. well done.

Thanks for the comment.

Yea I think my riding will look alot more impressive when I can learn to do flips and unispins. Still working on them though.

Im suprised no one else has comented on it, I thought it was realy well done. You should also learn 360 twists they are easy, can be done consistantly and would fit in nice.

Whats a 360 twist?

Yea I don’t know why people don’t comment on my videos. Usually they have a really low amount of comments. I thought this was my best one. Maybe if someone who doesn’t like this video could comment and tell me something I could to do different to improve my next one.

360 twist as in your body twist 360 so you ride in forwards twist all the way round in the air and ride out forward.

Yea definatly your best.

Oh so its the same thing as a 360. I almost have it but I’m still at a 270 with a twist at the end.

I don’t get it eather.

Yeah, I agree it’s your best. It didn’t mind the bmx mixed in w/ it, but it dose seem a bit odd to me w/ a freestyler (him) and a trials rider (you).

i thought it was nice. I liked the bmx. I wonder why others gave u a low rating? i helped you out a bit :wink:

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Me and my friend were talking about it today, and we were kind of bummed we only got one comment. So I really appreciate you bringin it to the top again.

it was alright hey.
but just a little tip, it’s good to see you not hoping too much but just try do the lines a bit faster. other than that nice work.