Just joined Hello

Hi y’all
Have had my uni for about 8 years. Got to about 10 revolutions and put it away for about 7 years. Decided this year i was going to make it to the end of my street no matter what.Got to the end of my street and then the next street and the next and and and and.

Have a 24 with 114mm cranks. I can’t believe how much I love to ride. Think about it all the time if not riding.

For me nothing better than going for a nice relaxing ride down the green belt by my house and listening to Mozart .

Welcome to the forum Unipig :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum. I think there’s a pretty decent unicycling group-scene in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area. Someone correct me… I think a forum member with the screen name “Bradford” lives in your area. My mom lives in Richardson. I’ll be visiting her in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to travel with a unicycle. Keep us posted on your progress!

I know Brad great guy.

Hello from Australia.

We meet in a nature preserve in plano every other week. If you get an itch when your here meet up with us. Just check out DFWunicycleclub on Facebook. We can lend you a uni.

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