just in case this happens to you

in another thread (about broken bones)
I told you I had a Coker crash that ended up
with my KH seat handle smashing into my Achille’s tendon

Now the whole story:
that happened on monday morning
on thursday morning still unable to walk I went
to the family’s doctor who told me to “wait and see” as mother nature will slowly heal me.
fatal error!
two weeks later I ended up in the emergency ward
of the hospital:
not only my tendon was (partly) severed but
I had a phlebitis on the leg (a very severe condition).
the surgeon could not try to repair things
so he had my leg immobilized and now
waits (and prays) for mother nature to heal me
(as a matter of fact he has doubts I will recover
a fully funtionnal tendon :angry: )

3 months without walking (let alone riding)

now ladies and gentlemen if you ever receive
a BIG smash on your tendon BEWARE!




But you can still do a lot even if your tendon isn’t at full strength

You’ll be back in action

Now you have more time for one footed riding.:slight_smile:
No seriously. That really sucks. I mean three months without even walking. I think I would die because I was too bored. Maybe you should try to get something like a one-wheeled wheel chair. And I know about a guy here in finland who has a motorised unicycle. And it’s not like these with two wheels. He is a clown but still that motor unicycle would be cool to try someday.


I’ve hit my tendon a few times with the handle of my Coker. It comes keen. There’s a lesson for us all in your story.

Get well soon.

Re: just in case this happens to you

Three months without riding, even without walking sucks in a major
way. I hope you will recover fully.

But to be clear, and referring to the thread title, what should have
been done that wasn’t done initially? Immobilise the joint? Or could a
surgeon have repaired things ‘mechanically’ it you hadn’t developed
the phlebitis. (I don’t know what I’m saying.)

Get wobbling soon, bear!

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If the crank is moving then it really sounds as if it’s loose. - onewheeldave trying to pinpoint the cause of a clicking crank

Re: Re: just in case this happens to you

lesson 1 (to family doctor) : spotting a severed tendon is easy (once you know how to do it)
a) you absolutely can’t stand “on your toes”
b) you can compare the shape of both tendons
the difference is striking!

lesson 2: had the thing been spotted earlier
it would have been possible for the surgeon
to open an repair the mechanic
walking nearly 3 weeks with a severed tendon
does make this impossible

lesson 3: a very severe blow on a “mature” person:D may lead if untreated to blood clots and danger.

“where’s your other wheel?”

  • “in my head!”

well now I have both wheels in my head! and
I am training for a new extreme sport : walking
with crutches! :roll_eyes:

bear (grumpy)

Re: Re: Re: just in case this happens to you

could this mean a new category in xtreem pootling?

good wishes on a good recovery bear