just how strong is a kh muni?

you may have read my other thread about crank play,

i was thinking of getting the wheel rebuilt and gatting a kh hub and cranks instead but would it be worth it? or should i sell mine for cheap and save up for a kh 24 muni?

what shal i do? any suggestions?

Well I have KH hub and crank set on my muni and they are great! So I would have thought a KH muni would be awesome too. It’s got a nice frame with a thick seat stem and machined bearing housings which I’ve heard are superior to regular main cap ones. All CrMo I think. If you have the money, why not? But just getting the hub and cranks is good.

I only have the KH wheelset on a Yuni frame. I love it. It totally takes what I give it. I am very big, 235 lbs. I don’t jump and hop like the young kids, but I have dropped off 20" high stuff multiple times.

For my kind of riding, it is very strong! --chirokid–

kh frame

hello :slight_smile:

the frame in uni is used only to have the contron to the wheel. nothing more. you don’t put any stress to the frame if you want to be a father in the future:) you are putting sterss to the frame if you are sitting on it and riding buy as you know its not tu much. every stress is going directly to the hub.

to go to the poing in the frame is only importent the shape to not the hit the frame with the knees and that’s it.

kh frame
I have kh frame but I was not lucky and it was how to say not straight. when I put one meter long tube into the seat post it was 2cm distance on the end of the tube to the line going thrue the center of the fork :slight_smile: I send letter to the unicycle.uk.com but without answer :frowning: so I rewelded the frame because it was difficult to ride on it. I payed 8 euros for that and now everything is ok

kh hub
is very heavy but very stron. at the beggining I was complaining on the cricking the hub but when I use anti-sease it stopped. to add something after 3 months driving I bent the cranks a little but I take off the and put in another way and know it’s ok :slight_smile:

so if you don’t want to spend to much money buy the kh hub and the standard frame. that’s my opinon. nice riding

best regards

I know the frame is the least important of the major components of a unicycle, but from what I can gather in recent frame related posts, the bearing holders and joint between the frame and bearing holders takes an incredible amount stress through twisting and turning, especially on muni.

jorkee, I assume that is Tomasz Bonczarowski, we have written to you 3 times in response to your email to us regarding this matter. We have a replacement frame ready to go to you, but we need a delivery address. If you can send us that we can send you the replacement frame.
Sorry to use the forum to contact you, but have failed by other means.