Just hit a 360 uni spin!

I’ve had a very successful weekend, since I unicycled every day. I’ve got wheel walking down real solid now, being able to do 20+ walks every time and go back to the pedals. I’ve been trying to get the 360 uni spin all weekend, and finally hit it a few times today, including twice in a row. It’s amazing how impossible a trick like this can seem, but after a load of practice can become automatic. I’ve also been working on my jumping a lot. I can jump onto my neighbor’s 2 foot wall both sides, but am not very consistent. Anyone have any advice on jumping 2 feet and above? I’d like to thank Casmir Pulaski for this wonderful warm 3 day weekend. I even got a very mild sunburn on my neck. In february in Illinois. Spring is coming! Anyway, thanks for listening to my progress.

i keep hitting my shins with trials! but am starting muni soon just so you know

Yeh i feel that im coming close to getting the 360 but im not to bothered about unispins, i prefer doing gliding and things.


Hey rockey, where at in illinois do you live? We may be close to eachother…And if so, we should ride sometime.