Just got my Torker LX 26"

And I see most of the time that most unicyclists have at least shinguards and a helmet. What parts of the body seem to get the most attention both from the unicycle and the cement/dirt/rocks?

My order of protection, most used to least used is helmet, then wrist guards then leg armor.

helmet is a no brainer :slight_smile:

Wrist guards protect my hands and wrists on falls, I think this is more important than keeping your shins from getting banged up.

I find the leg armor protects you more from the unicycle than anything else. from peddle bites to awkward bails landing on your uni the leg armor really helps.

I wanna see a unicyclist wearing a chest protector too.

I know some people like to wear full face helmets when doing extreme muni and stuff. Which is smart.

Most used for me

  1. Bike shorts
  2. Gloves
  3. Shin guards

Most important for preventing serious injury

  1. Helmet
  2. Gloves/ Wrist Gaurds
  3. Elbow pads
  4. Knee/ shin guards

Oh, and I just went for a 30 min ride on the Torker LX and I have completely changed my opinion on the seat.
It is NOT very comfy, I will be ordering the Torker DX seat and a new seatpost next week.

Yeah but I heard its better than the cx haha. It’s just my learner, I’m probably gonna get my second uni in july if I learn quickly. Like a muni or something

After breaking my arm, I believe elbow pads are more important then wrist guards as its never safe to fall on an outstretched hand! Just look at the bigtime skateboarders who wear knee and elbow pads, no wrist guards. Now I use my elbows to lessen the impact and roll on them, never try to put my hands down. I keep my elbows bent in when I fall now. I use PD pads for the elbows. I wont break my arm again.

I also use wrist guards, knee/ shin guards and later will use a helmet. I’m just learning now so dont think I’ll hit my head going down the sidewalk. I’d rather look stupid then be injured now. :o I think when I get older, I will wrap myself in bubble wrap lol.

unless you have a location where you can get a dx seat incredibly cheap, i would suggest getting a nimbus, velo, or kh seat. all these will fit a standard post and i think most places the dx seat is overpriced. i took a standard velo saddle (looks identical to the nimbus hightop) and cut the foam down a bit. it is currently my most comfortable saddle for longer rides. if you can afford it, get the kris holm freeride seat, if not the nimbus and velo saddles are pretty good, and can easily be modded to the exact fit you want

Early in this thread I stated that I rode a DX seat this weekend and loved it.
They are only $48 and yes they and Kris Holm and all the others you mentioned will fit a standard seatpost, but not an LX seatpost.

Anyway I modded my seat today and it came out much better than it was, Ill find out if I can live with it after tonights long ride.
On the 5 min test ride today there was a noticeable improvement, but only a couple miles will tell the real story

IMO the DX seat is TOO curvy. The air saddle is more comfortable but not as much as a Nimbus Gel for distance, but the air is better for impacts, and the air is hard to hold onto SIF. The KH Fusion Freeride is by far my favorite seat.

Only cut down the post an inch at a time to get the uni to fit. Later when you put on shorter cranks you will prob want to raise it again. (You’re supposed to leave at least 2" in the frame.)

The stock cranks aren’t that strong. I’ve heard these are among the strongest cotterless. They have a bit of Q-factor (how far the pedals are from center), which I like for Muni, but cause the wheel to wobble more at speed, so for fast riding, I’d get these (UDC US seems to be out right now and currently these are their only other alloy cranks, @ nearly twice the cost). If you break the hub UDC’s is significantly stronger, but nowhere near the strength of a splined one.

Thanks for all the pointers.

I have plenty of seatpost in the frame atm and took the shorter crank thing into consideration before cutting.
There will be no hopping or anything on this, its only for cruising, I will be getting a more serious uni for real Muni and jumping.
I agree you may like the other seats better but I have already ridden the DX and many others and will be getting the DX

On another topic, and this is not directed at any one person, but I feel like people often reply without even reading the original post.

Sorry to be off topic, but are longer cranks easier on hills? Sorry, just wondering. I know shorter = faster.

Choosing between the DX and the Nimbus Muni, the Nimbus would be the better choice. $20 less, but only $10 more w/ upgraded cranks, also much lighter, has a wider rim, many crank size options, and is more upgradeable than the DX. (Same w/ the trials unis)

Who are you talking to?
I was only talking about a seat?
Maybe start a new thread since this is called “My new Torker LX 26"”