Just got my new rides

Last night both my Torker Dx’s came in a 20 and a 24 im stoked for today. These are my first nice uni’s.

Torker DX’s are awesome unicycling machines are are almost indestructible at best. :smiley:


You got BOTH DXes! A DX24 was my first uni, and I loved it. Who CARES if the splines are proprietary? It’s a really great uni!

Yeah I am way excited I think if I had bought just one I would have bought the 24 but I am glad I got both because the 20 is what I have been having more fun on. I rode a sun 29 before and it is not near as fun.

I don’t know what you mean by proprietary splines so I guess it doesn’t matter much.

I learned to ride when I was a kid, and stopped ridding up till a few months ago when a friend brought his to the shop. Having people to ride with makes it way more fun. Then I found this site and some of the stuff the guys do on here is incredible. I hope to learn some of it soon. It might take a bit longer though because I am older and not as brave I also don’t have any quad muscles on one leg due to knee replacement. but I am not going to let any of the stop me.

I have a 24dx that was my first uni and is still going strong. Its 2 yrs old now and needs some pedals but thats it.Check the bolts now and again and it will last.

Thanks these things are way strong looking I am sure they will last for ever.