Just got my new KH24! Here is the Review

Some first impressions and feedback of the New KH24. I did not go muni riding with it because it rained the night before and all of the trails were very muddy. :frowning: Instead I took it to the Promenade along the Tel Aviv beach. There are tons of stairs and concrete railings along the promenade making it a trials/urban riding paradise.:slight_smile: I put it through a hard workout. My arm and legs are very sore!

A little background. I mostly ride Muni I also do Unrban trials sometimes. The skills have an overlap and the tials are fun to do especially when girls are watching! I also do some cross country on a KH29. My old Muni was a 2005 ONZA 24" and a lot of the comparisons are to it.

  1. The new Rim is very impressive. It allows for much more air volume in the tire than the older Alex DX32 rim. I bounced right up stairs! It is much harder to get the tire on an off than the DX32 rim. A few Bicycle trial riders who happened by were very impressed by the 24" drilled rim.

  2. I liked the roughing that was done to the crown for foot traction while gliding/wheel walking or one foot pedaling. It gives me a reason to start working on those skills.

  3. The welding seems use quite a bit of material but are of good quality.

  4. The 2007 moment hub is thin! The ISIS cranks are beauties! So comfortable with the flat top and bottom for doing crank tricks. Also the protrusion where the crank connects to the hub is gone. It was a source of a lot of ankle wounds in the past! In all Kris has outdone himself with the new cranks! As expected the 165mm cranks are perfect. ( I asked for the 165mm. the default is 150mm.) I have a friend that has 140mm cranks on a 24" setup and in a race on flat ground I can’t compete but on the single track he never seems to go faster than me.

  5. The crown design is great. It is the major reason why I upgraded from my Onza. I have not hit the inside of my knees or my shin guards even once! I have always like the design of the KH crowns and with the 2007 model the design has even been improved.

  6. I did not find the Freeride Fusion Saddle as comfortable as the older KH Onza branded saddle. I did not get a sore butt after riding for over 4 hours on Friday but I was doing much more standing and seat in front than I would normally be doing on a Muni ride. To really test it out I will have to do at least an hour long road or cross country ride where I don’t do any standing or SIF. The new saddle is much slimmer though and allows for very easy removal for SIF. However it is much harder to hold onto on the side because of the rail adaptor. Another major difference is the lack of curvature. Even though the lowest part of the saddle was exactly the same height as the old Onza saddle the lack of curvature made the handle much lower. This was very noticeable. Also the seat seams to slip out from between my thighs. I have tilted the seat up and this seems to compensate all though it feels a little weird. I will have to get used to these new effects and let you know how it works out.

  7. The bearing clamps are solid CNCed Aluminum and close completely around the bearings. This is great. With my old Onza I always had to guesstimate how much I needed to tighten the bolts.

  8. The four bolts mounts for the Magura brake are solid aluminum and not folded metal. This is a plus.

  9. The Odyssey pedals are better than the Snafu pedals that came with the KHs in the past. They grip the bottom of my boots much better. The replaceable pins are a huge plus.

  10. The Duro Wildlife 24X3 tire is great. I never rode on a Nokian tire so I can’t compare. It would be interesting to try though.

  11. The post clamp is now as good as the Onza and Koxx One clamps. Don’t know why it took Kris so long to upgrade here.

  12. I don’t know what to think about the seat rail style of post. It does interfere with holding on to the side of the saddle during SIF but it seems necessary with the thinner seats for adjusting the angle. It also makes the Unicycle Saddles compatible with Bike posts.

In all I am very happy with with this new Unicycle. Kris really upgraded his product in a big way. It will be interesting to see how the Aluminum holds up compared to the CroMoly. I know it wont break but how well will the powdercoat hold up and how about knicks and scratches? I would appreciate feedback on this issue.

Now the Finances: I bought the Unicycle from Municycle.com. or UDC Germany. Roland really knows his stuff and is very helpfull with prompt email replies and great service. Since I had my Unicycle shipped outside of Germany I samed the 19% German VAT tax. I paid Roland 360Euro or $373 for the Unicycle. Shipping cost 42Euro or $55 to Israel. I had to pay a 15% VAT tax $84 to release the unicycle form Israeli customs. In all the Unicycle cost me $632 total.

I would strongly suggest this Unicycle. It is a testament of how one can produce a vastly superior product by learning from experience!
Way to go Kris!


Typo Correction

I paid $473 and not $373 as written in my earlier post. the Euro sum is correct.


when you do a muni ride report in and tell us if mud/water gets in the drilled rim and/or causes problems.

Mud in the Drilled Holes

Yes, I was thinking about mud getting into the drilled holes. I get tons of mud stuck in my spokes so I am sure that it would also go into the drilled holes but you could just wash it out easily. Keep in mind that the rim is alluminum so ther are no wories about rust like with the CroMoly.


Isn’t that what the tape is for?

I did a ride on it in the mud. It works fairly well except has no traction after a few pounds of mud is added. The rim doesnt get too muddy but you can just spray it off after the ride.

no tires work well after a few pounds of mud are added.

the kh frames are anodized, not powdercoated, I’m no expert but I think anodizing holds stonger then powdercoat (correct me if I’m wrong). good review though. I have the onza aswell so your comparisons came in handy, I think I am getting a kh in the summer

no… they are powder coated.

can somone clear this up for me, I just did a search about the kh paint job and everyone is saying diferent stuff about it. I even found you, mornish saying that they were anodized. I am so confused :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

hub is anodised, frame is powdercoated.

From my own experience it’s not a problem at all.

What problems where you anticipating?

no thats wrong, the KH moment hub is definately a powdercoat. First off if u’ve ever seen one, it looks really obvious, and secondly roger allready cleared the arguemnt up by saying it was powdercoated

i think the frame is anodised, but dont take my word for it. It doesnt look like a powder coating. However the logo apparently is laser etched… so there you go.

KH24 2007 Review Update.

Well after putting some tough technical trail miles on my KH24 2007 I have some updates.

I did not like the Fusion Freeride 2007 saddl that much at first. However it has grown on me and I like it a lot now. I have not gotten any saddle sorenes and I don’t ride with bike shorts, only Levi Jeans. the New saddle took some getting used to though. Another thing - for SIF you have to hold the side of the saddle farther back behind the seat rail adaptor.

The 47mm rim is awesome. No tire foldback and the extra volume gives much more suspension for drops and jumps!

The paint chips off and scratches easier than on my old Onza CroMo frame. This is heartbreakening because that baby blue frame with the blue trimmed saddle is just beatiful! I am not sure anymore if the frame and hub are powder coated or anodized or both but the paint is no where near as durable as on my old Onza.

A lot of people have mentioned Q factor. I do not feel any difference.

Besides the paint coat- which is purely cosmetic the KH24 2007 is beyond expectations! I can’t see why anyone who has the money would want to buy any other make of Unicycle. You definitely get the most bang for your buck with the KH Unicycles! It is the Cadilac of Muni!


Great Review! I enjoyed reading it. :smiley: :smiley:

duh thats the point…in case you didnt get it its saying that the tire is as good as any other tire in the mud.