just got my muni

so i just got my new 20 inch muni and can free mount, ride foward, kinda ride backwards, kinda hop, drop small curbs, what kinda stuff do i want to be learning next?

Anything that you want to?

If it’s a 20" with a fat tyre then that’s a trials you’ve got there, not a Muni.

If you want to ride Muni then learning to ride bigger drops, rolling hop over obstacles and working on your genreal fitness and speed would I think be most useful. Also learning to ride steep uphill and downhill sections is vital for Muni.

You could do some freestyle and learn seat on stomach, seat out riding, one foot idling and riding and wheel walking.

For trials you need to learn how to hop higher, hopping seat out, crank grab and crank to rubber transition.

These are the basic skills for each of the facets of unicycling mentioned, pick one, or do all of them! Learn whatever takes your fancy.

if its a norco thats ays muni on the side then its defianately a trials