Just got my KH 24 from AEbikes.

There was some discussion here in January about their low prices.

Anyway it’s a blue 2007 with a unicycle.com sticker.

Is it awesome? How long did it take them to ship it to you and how far away from them do you live? Also how much was the shipping?

You lucked out. I ordered one when I saw that thread, but I guess you beat me to it. They emailed me back and said they had over sold during the weekend and ran out of KH24s before they could fill my order. No ETA on when they will be restocked.

Re: Just got my KH 24 from AEbikes.

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> Is it awesome?

I had fun. Cut down the seat post a little, and went riding. It’s my
first muni.

On the paved hill in front of my house, it was harder to ride down
than on my LX 20, but easier to ride up, and much much easier to ride
up my driveway. I hope the riding down part is just getting used to
controlling the descent on the bigger uni.

One reason I wanted a KH is only really good seat I’ve tried so far is
the KH Freeride (thanks for the advice RSU!). KH sponsoring Lynn Hill
was cool too. But I kept putting off the purchase, until I saw the low
price. Oh, and major competitor was Koxx 1, but after I learned about
their models named after illegal drugs, that brand lost some appeal.

>How long did it take them to ship it to you and how far
> away from them do you live?

Far. They’re in MI. I’m in CA. Don’t remember when I ordered. Within
a couple of days of that first “KH at a low price” thread. Got it
today. UPS estimate was to deliver tomorrow.

>Also how much was the shipping?

$7.50. No kidding.

You just asked for major idiots to post in this thread.

But I do agree, I wouldn’t buy a Koxx unicycle after this realization.

how could the illegal drug names loose the appeal?

lol some people are really picky with naming… i guess marketing is right after all…

Press search, then find the Koxx thread with about a million pages of people whining about other peoples opinions and beliefs, please don’t ruin this mans fine thread.

The Koxx-One factory must be one happy place.

either that or they have got to the point where an ‘orange bud’ is nessecary every hour for production to actually happen

I’ve got my new '07 kh trials reserved from AE bikes, and it should be in this week! And the price??? About $120 LESS than UDC, plus a scant $7.50 shipping, and no tax since out of state!:D:D:D:D:D

is that off of the old price on udc or the new price?

UDC’s price is $499! This is from their USA website that says “out of stock” ('till around 4/07) AE Bikes price is about $375. UDC is simply overpriced IMO. Remember the Moment crank controversy? I had complained that their UK counterpart was selling them (per pair) for around $70 USD, so within a couple weeks udc (US) reduced their price on moment cranks from $120 to $76, currently what is is now. They should do the same with their Unicycles too! If not, people like me will simply buy elsewhere. I mean comon, wouldn’t you like to save $120?

Woah, that is a huge difference. So now a kh from them is cheaper than a devil from renegade.

I don’t know I haven’t checked the price of “Devil”, but I’d rather get the KH anyway. It’s lighter than the Devil too; not by much, but lighter.

AEbike no longer lists anything but the 29". I wonder if they will continue to have them. If I were UDC I might stop selling to them at least at that price. I mean they are selling them for 1/3 less than UDC.

I thought you had a kh trials?

he has a summit.

Not yet. I have a summint trials, which is super strong but it’s a tank! :astonished:

If I were you I wouldn’t ruin a good thing!:smiley:

You’d be like that kid in school who would remind the teacher to give the class homework! :astonished: :wink:

Where are you getting yoour prices from?

I see a price tag of $575 for the KH24 in the UDC website! Just think if AEBikes are not selling the Unicycles at a loss just to get rid of stock then UDC is making at least $158 in profit from each sale! UDC Germany sells for cheaper than UDC US.