Just got my first Unicycle

So I just got my first unicycle. After a few hours of practice, I can get on it with help from a railing, ride it with help of a railing, and even (occasionally) go a few revolutions without any help. I’ve killed my left shin while learning to mount it, but I am completely addicted.

This stage of learning is nothing short of awesome. Remember this time, because you will look back at it with much fondness. :slight_smile:

Good news: it seems that in no time you’ll land it :smiley:
Welcome aboard!

Have fun,


Plastic pedals &/or leg guards would b a good idea.

WEIGHT ON THE SEAT :sunglasses:

Good luck progressing, although it sounds like you’re already doing good!

I can fully identify with you, as I am going through a similar learning curve.

Being a bit cautious, I wear padded everything.
I have standard plastic UDC pedals but have cut the pins off while I learn (but still wear shin/knee pads).

Good luck.

Second day: yes, weight on the seat is very important. If I spend some extra time getting adjusted on the seat and really put my weight on it, I do a lot better. Also, I am sore in places I never even considered…

Lol, Don’t worry, it “literally” wears off. :roll_eyes:

On a serious note, you will get used to it, soreness is the worst part of learning to unicycle.

This is true! I was worried. Eventually it’s just as comfortable as riding a bike.

If its muscles, yeah you’ll get used to it.

If its nether regions or other rubbing, cycling shorts & Chamois Butt’r would be good. I wear two pairs to keep the jewels in the same place so the don’t get sat on.

If its joints, stop and assess your posture & setup.

Definitely rubbing. I’ve hurt my joints with Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, but my joints wh aren’t hurting from this.
I have a 13 month old who is just starting to walk, and I feel a connection with him by doing this. The progress is very much the same. We start by holding on to things and losing our balance, and slowly build up the courage to go longer distances without holding on.