Just got a brand new 2007 KH Trials for $365!

I just won the auction on that second new 2007 KH trials that was on ebay!:smiley: I simply put in the highest bid I was willing to pay and hoped that it would be enough to win; it was!

Somebody was bidding like mad in the last few seconds and came within just $5 of topping my high bid, but since the other bidder didn’t know what my high bid was, must’ve given up at the very last second. Cool!

Now I have to figure out what to do with my perfectly good summit! Maybe I’ll bring it to Moab to see if anybody might want to buy it.:slight_smile:

You will enjoy the new ride. I thought that you had also ordered one from AE Bike

lol enjoy the KH 07 trials, shame about that summit, well i’m sure someone will buy it.

Never ordered one but asked that they contact me when they got them in…still no word.

Kewl. $365 aint bad.

As for the summit, donations table at Moab! Yay!:smiley:


sweet…good job…i was watching it too…i didnt have the money so i didnt buy it…i wana buy a muni 24" so i gotta save for that…

Congrats! I had started bidding on it, but decided to buy one through Darren at Bedford.

Hope to meet you at Moab!