just got 36" uni OMFG

my stepdad just called from a garage sale and said he’s about to buy me a big one 36" for $80! the seat is still in the bag, so its very new i think. i am literally shaking right now in excitement. updates soon. omgomgomgomg i wasnt even looking for a new uni, i just bought one a couple weeks ago.

sorry that i made a new thread, but i was just too dang excited.

those are so much fun to cruise around on, mine has actually replaced my bike because i cover more ground and im less tired at the end of the ride:D

Welcome to the (not so) secret society of 36ers. Woo Hoo!
Next step: Schlumpf.

Sweet!! I remeber how exited I was when I got mine:) you might spend all your time riding it now and forget about the OUT games lol. That’s what would happen to me

ok ive ridden it and i trued the wheel and pumped it up. now, how the hell do i store this thing?! anyway, it is the coker big one, silver, cotterless cranks, possibly torker seat, w/out a handle bar. today is going to be fun. turns out mounting is very hard

You got a helluva deal for $80!

That’s for sure!

Congrats they are great to ride!

actually it was $90. big deal though, right? i am surprised at how good of condition it is in, too. i promise to post pictures/video soon.

Now the bike path shall connect us! :slight_smile: We’ll have to get some rides together. There’s a handful of local riders who are notoriously hard to get into one place for rides, but I should try to revive the idea. Robert Allen might be on Good Day Sacramento on Saturday morning (early), as he was spotted riding in Roseville yesterday. Cool.

How do you store a 36" unicycle? Next to the other ones. As for me, who hangs them in the garage, the Cokers and other fat-tire cycles need oversized bike hooks. They cost more. Actually I need to get a couple more as I’ve never had enough for the fat tires I have.

I sold my Coker Big One (silver aluminum frame) two weeks ago at U Games, for $300. That guy got a good deal. Your dad got a phenomenal deal! I hope it wasn’t the same one (for the sake of the first buyer). Mine had a brake.

Mounting will get easier, just give it time. Things happen slower on big wheels so don’t rush it.

Hey! just think of yourself as Chuck Norris…you’ll do aright :wink: :slight_smile: Well done and enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

anytime, johnfoss. but i need lots more practice to conquer this huge thing. lucky for me, my brother moved out and we are using his room as a mancave. i can store the uni in there along with 2 bikes.

2 bikes? thats room for 4 more unicycles

I like your attitude.

Except riding itself. :slight_smile: