just getting started

My new unicycle just arrived today and I’m very excited to get started. No one, my husband included, can believe I’m doing this since I just turned 40 this summer. Anyway, I got a 24" Torker, but it seems to be just a little bit too tall and the seat post is down as far as it will go. I’ve tried it out a little, but it really is too tall. Apparently my inseam isn’t as long as I thought. My first instinct is to cut an inch or so off the bottom of the seat post Is this a wise idea? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

cut the seatpost - do a search on the forum for instructions too.

I keep on thinking about starting threads & find out that the subject is usually covered about once a month!

For tips on lots of areas of unicycling, you may want ot have a look at www.unicycle.2ya.com .

Good luck!

Use a pipe cutter to cut the post! Then lightly sand any burrs off the end!

Your only forty?!!! You’re still a young whippersnapper!!!

Enjoy the unicycle addiction! EVen the naysayers come around eventually…once they see your progress!!

It’s also a good idea to lightly grease the bottom 1/2 inch just before installling.