Just found this!

This “E-Zine” just posted one of my vids and will be adding a writeup this week or next! Pretty cool! On the right side just under “featured events”. :slight_smile:

I promoted this website, Kris Holm and some of our popular events like Moab and CMW, so hopefully they’ll give it all a plug!:smiley:

Cool! Congrats, that must feel really good.

Did they not contact you or anything about it?

EDIT: Are you doing the write-up or are they? I guess they must have contacted you if you are…

I had emailed a link of my compilation video (and basic info) to a few sports oriented online sites to see if any of them might be interested in running a uni/MUni story, and I just got the email today from the operations manager saying she had already posted the video on their site!

In the email she said “You rock” lol! So then she asked if I could email her a bio and stuff relating to extreme unicycling, so I sent it to her along with some pics as requested. She said she’ll be adding it to the site this week or next! cool!:smiley:

Terry, when your as old as you are, it’s not “playing outside”, it’s outdoor recreation.

Haha, and when you’re as young as you are, you can’t grasp how someone as old as me can still consider it playing outside…and I most assuredly do! :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :p:D (If I didn’t, I’d quit-and that’s not gonna happen anytime soon…yay!)

The young have to work at everything, when they suck

At 50, I can see that I kicked ass at a lot of things, and made some money. There is no reason to go outside now, except to play.:slight_smile: I don’t even have to care if I suck. It’s a great day cause I’m playing. I don’t have to wanna grow up to be better then someone else. It’s enough to find a fun game to play. Today.:slight_smile:

Hip hip hooray for us old folk who like playing outside… I don’t care about sucking, either - it’s fun, gives me and my friends lots of laughs.

If I grow out of enjoying it, I hope I’m dead.





Nice compilation of videos Terry. That looks like great promotional info.

Thanks for taking the time to promote our sport.

My pleasure!:smiley:

looks like great PR. This sort of makes you a pioneer in our sport now doesn’t it? It is good of you to make known this site so people can visit and see the diversity of unicycling. Way to go Terry. Keep the videos coming too.

Got a new one in the works about 3/4 done. I could really use some song suggestions though. I think I want to try something more current than classic rock for a change; maybe something like sum 41 or cky. Any ideas? Would like something with good consistent energy thoughout, but not really rap or super screaming vocals.:smiley:

Sum41- In too deep.

…never seen that in a unicycle video…

Good job Terry. I vote for a change from classic rock too, but don’t do Sum41 or LINKIN PARK please :slight_smile:

Yep! Just finished editing and it will be “In too deep”. Awesome song I think and it has a really fun atmosphere to it.:slight_smile: Uploading to youtube now and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think it’s my favorite so far!:smiley: