Just for WuKo - FullVideo

Hey guys!

Here is our vid for Wuko, hope you enjoy it!
UTV: soon…




Fu*k you, kurwa! :smiley: :sunglasses: Hahahaha
I really enjoyed watching it!!! Awesome!:smiley:

What are the songs in the video?

the 900 was incredible!!!
This video is just awesome :wink:

Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1045-JustforWuKo-FullVid
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1045.justforwuko-fullvid.mov

Paravion by FM Belfast & Top of the World by Ace Hood

As always…,. AWESOME!!

Hmm, I’ve seen better from you, but there’s nothing wrong with the editing or filming. I just usually find flat boring to watch. :slight_smile:

yes, yes… it is just hard to find in a small village where we live, a good street spot *-) and there is also snow… so its hard in winter… in summer you will see more street in our vids ;D
but i wouldn’t say that flattricks are bad… -.-

Elias!!! Elias and Elliots riding was sooooo awesome, makes flat look good.

Wow. Incredible stuff from everyone. Loved the 1spin-3spin-5spin-7spin. Raphi you’re too good at spin combos:p. Ludwig’s 9 was awesome, and the backroll-7spin. Two fifthdoubles too :astonished:

totally crazy guys…whats the point in even learning flatland…you guys are all so amazing! i’ll never catch you :stuck_out_tongue:

I dunno… dont like the way Raph rebalances during spin combos. Should spin as soon as you land. But I can’t do any better so I’ll shut up

some of that flat was insane. Fifthflip to foot jam was awesome. and the 360 on wheel SIB. Look forward to a street vid when it’s summer.

PS. Didn’t like the music :stuck_out_tongue:

ooooooh shit!!! you are still supriseing me, always when i see your last video i say for myself: its impossible do something more. And always when i watching your new vid i’m just sitting with open mouth and say: holly shit, they are gods!!!

really UNBELIEVABLE tricks and combos, amazing edit :slight_smile:
I’m look foward on new video!! :slight_smile:

last clip is my fav for sure!! 180 360 540 720!! xD

Cool, I’ll look forward to your summer videos. :slight_smile:

There’s also still snow here in Denmark, so I know about spots being covered in snow. I wouldn’t say flattricks are bad either, they just doesn’t interest me.
Well, almost doesn’t interest me. I read about the 1spin-3spin-5spin-7spin in the comments, so I watched that, and that was rad!


the triks are really awsome i’m with you ELI B, i just love the trics that you sei, and i love the edit too but i dont knoe…, it’s not the video of you that i like more. probably the filming is not that good that in some another videos of you.

well, in spite this, AWSOME VIDEO

thanks (:
yes i know filming wasn’t the best, but its hard to do a good filming in the cellar… and we were to lazy to film all by hands ;D

Good job boys. Everything was great! Keep it up :smiley:

Someone screamed like a girl when Ludwig landed the 900… I think it was Lorenz :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha