Just Finished My Trials Video!

Hey all, just wanted to tell you that I just finished my first trials video worth showing to you all. I’ve done a couple before, but I was horrible when I made them. They were alright to show to friends and stuff, but I think you guys would have found them boring.

It’s not Defect, but hey, a movie is a movie. I hope you guys like it.

State of the Union

State of the Union - (High Bandwidth)

State of the Union - (Low Bandwidth)

The site where our team puts its various videos is www.bradsplace.org. You can find the rest of our videos there, though the previous unicycling ones aren’t great. We do other stuff too, like skiing/boarding, trampolining, dirtjumping and other random things. If you have problems with loading of videos in firefox, we also have a firefox link on our main page.


nice video dude… slick riding… i like your 360s thay are nice


Its loading but just by looking at the pics I know its going to be awesome


I am done watching it that was a great video man
We should definetly ride again, just been busy wit school lately.

nice video man :slight_smile: I just tink you got that little bit of street in you tho… with those 360’s and stuff:p

I liked it!

It looks like you may need a bigger tire though. There was a lot of pinching going on.

I enjoyed the video, and thanks for the refreshing choice of music. I really enjoy watching trials on a 24inch, good job.

I just watched your video… saw the Stroud skatepark… was thinking wtf there’s another rider in town?.. then it clicked.

Anyway, awesome video. Thursday we should do some trials somewhere… you pick the spot, I havn’t found anywhere I really like yet. I’m done with classes at 1…


Nice flick man, try some SIF some time, youl get higher hops.

Nice video man!

I too have the '05 24" Onza, but I think it must be defective - it won’t do 1/10th of the stuff that yours can.

Do you think I should send it back? :roll_eyes:


Loved the riding! Good music selection too.

Great video, I liked the when the music synced (sp?) with the riding. \

How many days of videography does that movie represent?


Your movie was fun to watch. Your riding and hopping well. I ride in Northern New Jersey but PA is not that far so if you want to get added to our email list for Muni rides let me know. You can contact me at brian at computertradeexchange.com
We may even be able to schedule a ride in your area as long as you know the trails well and you have some good downhill sections. Our trails are loaded with natural trials and we take lots of time to hop and roll sections of rocks and logs. Based on what I see in your movie you would fit in very well with our style of riding.

Very nice! how much did you shave down your DX seat and problems doing it?

Thanks for your positive comments everyone, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

MercyMe - Some weekend I’ll get back down there, I’ve been busy with school too. That ride was awesome though.

SpudMan - Yeah the rim might be a tiny bit thin for the low pressure I ride, but it’s not too bad. I could always put a little more air in if need be :).

fcwegnm0b - Either Thursday or Friday sounds good. You’ve basically just seen all the places I ride around here in the video. I have always been interested in riding at ESU, so I’d be up for that too.

Evan Byrne - Haha, yeah I’ve been working on that in the past week. I just learned how to ride seat out in front, and my SIF hopping is starting to get to about the same height as my seat in hopping, though I feel much less stable. I’ll keep working on it.

Totally Hooked - The funny thing with the 24" Onza is the fact that it slowly improves over time. Mine suffered from the same defects you mentioned when I first got it. It had problems hopping up a pallet or two, but with age it slowly improved. I’d keep it and let it age a bit, haha.

UNIquelyCanadian - Lets see, I probably started it about a week and a half ago, and had it roughly put together in two days. I had some issues with some really bad filmers at the skate park so I had to reshoot some shots, which took a while, and then I tweaked it for another two days. So about 4 days. Nice photography by the way.

brianmaw - Sweet. Email sent. Thanks.

redhead - Uhh, its an Onza KH style seat and it’s unmodified :D.

Thanks again to everyone that commented.

Alright, I’ll be online around 1:30 or so Thursday.

Brian, I’m up for some Muni as well.

Sorry about that, I ended up being responsible for picking my sister up from marching band at 5:00, so that sorta ruined any chances of riding. I’m good to go tomorrow though, if thats cool with you. I’ll send hopefully get a hold of you on AIM.

Meh, I fell asleep because I’m that lazy. Great minds think alike though…

Let’s try for next Thursday.

that was good. really really good.

just makes me wanna practice more.