Just finished my 19" trials uni.

Ok, so this has taken a bit of time but I am finally done. I waited for parts from all over and had to make some modifications but I am now ready to ride. Too bad I have a vertebral compression fracture and I am out for a bit.
Here are the specs.

20"x3" Yuni crome frame.
KOXX-1 hub and 140mm (not) ISIS cranks.
Welgo pinned pedals.
VIZ 19" 36 hole trials rim
Monty Eagle Claw tire.
Miyata seatpost angled and rewelded.
Miyata seatbase and rear bumper.
Roach cover with added lace tabs for trimming
Scott Wallis Designs CF Handle LH

Here are some photos, enjoy!!!

Pictures are in my gallery. Can’t get this thing to add images. Sorry

nice uni man, i love the CF handle… i’ve got to get me one of those here in the UK… is that the monty 2.7" tyre? coudl you give a review of it once you ridden your uni compared the std maxxis CC?

eagle claw tire. Its 2.6"

I remember someone describing it as a suped up creepy crawler.

Where did you order the VIZ from?

I got the VIZ and the Monty from Trialsin.com. I am not sure that Tim has any left, but he should have ZHI’s. The tire is sweet and I have clearance from the doctor that I can ride today, so I will let you know what I think tomorrow.

hey i’ve got koxx hub and cranks and a VIZ rim too !!

they ride great and look fantastic aye

how do you like that dg handle?

im gonna be buying one soon and am wondering if they are worth the money?

wow have you got enough foam there?

Nice axcept for the ugly seat and frame.
Can you even fit your hand around that seat?

Trials doesnt strictly mean SIF.

yeah btu even so the saddle does look pretty extreme, but everyone has different habits and diffrent saddles fit different people,
maybe he has massive hand so SIF is no problem…


Nice to see you finally got it up and running! Great work on the saddle! That’s what it should be like!!!

…Could you PM me a photo of the seatpost mount?

Hope you back is back in shape soon!

note: That is a air saddle, I believe. It’s not huge for SIF.

Thanks everyone! Yes that is an AIR seat. i can fit my hands round it just fine, but I do most of my trials SI not SIF. I do seat in front stuff when I need to hop really big. The Death Grip Handle is awesome. It has a place on the opposite side of it where you can grab with your opposite hand but in a slightly more trialsish position.

It looks like a lot of foam or air because the entire side piece of materials is black. Remember, my seat base cuts back a good 3/4 of an inch, so once you lock your lingers into the base, your thumb rests nicely on top to grip. I don’t find it much thicker than than the KH knockoff I was riding before and and I have quite big hands anyway.

An air seat… the mistery is unveiled… btw is that cover good? I looked at it and from the pic didnt look very nice compared to those pseudo leather ones…

It’s kevlar nylon mess. I have never had a problem with it. It gets dirty, it gets worn (Haven’t even scuffed it yet) so you take it off and throw it in the washing machine, take a candle to the scuffs and PRESTO, very new looking seat. It is also the comfiest seat I have riden, although I don’t spend much time on it.

ah nice :smiley: sound slike something i should get… loads of scuffs on my seat although i dotn rally care anymore… although i hope it doesnt tear… could be a good excuse to try an airseat thoiugh :smiley:

So how is the ME? Is it better than the Luna and CC?