just finished level 3!!

sorry for the unseless thread but im happy because today i got level 3 finished with the stomach on seat ride. i also amd getting alot better at my sif riding. my legs are hurtin somethin fierce though. my trials is in the shop so i ahd to use my old uni with the bedford seat and man did it kill my leggs. that seat ins comfy but it kills the legs reall bad!


haw come your name is trials and you have a trials but you freestyle?

surely you’re not suggesting everyone should limit themselves to one discipline?

and when did i mention freestyle??

Congratz! =p it feels good when you make a enw level, even though a lot of ppl here dont like them, i do, i dont strictly follow them, i use them for more of guideline practices, and its a fun way to see yourself progress, one leve at a time =p

Keep it up! and now make a video! lol

well i think im done with the levels for now…they hold no use for me after level 3 anyways…i dont need to kno how to 360 sharply or idle 25 times with each foot down. and riding back wards is just a matter of changing your center of gravity. im gonna work alot on my trials for now…

is there any places other than tcuc that do testing?

Since when is riding stomach on seat freestyle?

thats what i thought…