Just discovered the greatest thing ever - I call it Munitrial Golf

Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve playing golf while unicycling in any way…

I was at my favorite park today (Fountainhead Park, outside of Occoquan, Virginia). They have a great bike trail - a little too technical for me, but I still love it.

After my ride, I went over to the coke machine to replenish my water supply. You see the coke machine is right by the miniature golf course - and I had an epiphany.

This is no ordinary mini-golf course. It’s not like putt-putt with fiberglass obstacles and big windmills. It’s in a public park, so it’s all concrete - pretty utilitarian. It’s like somebody took those pre-fabricated pieces of concrete that they use to lay sidewalks and curbs and built a mini-golf course out of it. So its just a willy-nilly, wacky arrangement of curbs, steps, and cheap astroturf.

Being that it’s monday and there are no kiddies around to play mini-golf, I decided to try some trials on it. It’s awesome. It’s like a really great trials course mixed with the riding between the lines game we had at moab. It would probably be too easy for most of you guys, but it’s a great challenge for me and I think it will help me learn a lot. I love it. Munitrial Golf - wave of the future.

I’m going back tomorrow and I’ll post some pictures and video tomorrow.

Where I work (At a sporta nd recreation centre as an instructor) we have a similar mini golf course for the kids to use. Between camps (the kids usually stay for a week or less) I take my uni down and do trials on it. Lots of opportunities to crank/pedal grab, hop off high things, hop from small pivots (10cm diameter round solid cylanders on the course) to more small pivots, and edge riding on the brick edges of the course…
Great fun, I agree!

Shame I’m not there now, actually.

For those disappointed to find out the post wasn’t about playing golf on unicycles:

I confess to having played golf on a unicycle (green keepers would not have been amused). A sad reflection on my golfing ability is that it made precious little difference to my score whether I was on my unicycle or not.

From memory I played the entire round with a number 2 iron (including putting :slight_smile:

Nice one, Peter!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :sunglasses: