Just compiled a video...

I just put together some clips of myself tonight… my friend usually films me, so I have a ton of little clips lying around and wanted to put them into a bigger video.

The file is big (30 mb) and the quality is for shit… go figure. Please watch and let me know what you think… I know the editing is terrible, try to look past that though :slight_smile:

Video is HERE


Nice vid, I actually like it a lot, even though there are 2 things about it that get to me…

  1. The music is a little… intense. It suits a faster video style, clip, clip, clip, clip. instead you linger on one thing, go to another, come back, and have long clips. Slower paced music might work better. That said its not objectionable and as a backing track works ok, you aren’t concentrating on the music, ur concentrating on the riding.

  2. The terrain ur riding rocks! I love the look of those concrete cylinders and skinnys. Is that a school or college? Thats what I need to improve my crank grabs and grinds :angry: :p. Also, maybe try and find a more ‘disused’ section of railway line, looking at the rails that track is in constant use and it kind of puts out the wrong message.

That said, like it a lot and you’re on the right track with the video editing, I didn’t see anything terrible!


cool video. we have similar style. keep it up.

Loose - thanks! I agree with you about the music… I was thinking it was too fast too, but I didn’t put much thought into it - I just wanted something besides background noise.

The park with the concrete pillars is a little place just off campus of Penn State (3 hours from my house, so, sadly, I don"t get to ride there everyday). We filmed all that the day of Kris Holm’s demo there (that’s where we got the opening clip of Kris and I gliding down that hill). About the railroads… they are used… several times a day… don’t get me wrong, I have looked for a lesser used section some where, but without luck. I dont ride there often, if that makes you feel any better :slight_smile:

Thanks chosen… do you have any videos? I mean, the head spinning stuff is cool, but what about a uni? :slight_smile:

I just got my muni, so I’ll get some footage of that up when we get enough filmed…


Great movie! The editing was really good, but I think that you should shy away from using Dance Dance Revolution music as it is usually too fast and heavy for unicycling movies! But I cracked up when I heard you playing The Legend of Max on a unicycle movie! I’ve tried using other DDR songs, but they were heaps slower!

Playing on actively used RR tracks is dangerous. Even walking along actively used RR tracks is dangerous. A local Seattle unicyclist was killed a couple years ago when he was walking along an active set of RR tracks in Seattle. I don’t want to be reading another obituary or going to another memorial service for a unicyclist killed by a train.

Find some rusty abandoned tracks to play on where trains never go.

ur - Thanks! Judging from your ‘summer goals’ I’d love to see you on video. Do you have anything uploaded?

John and Loose - I appreciate your concern, and I, to my fortune, found some tracks that look unused. There’s an old car rusted in place, and the vegitation is grown over rusty rails. These are about 20 minutes from my house, at an awesome little town full of stuff to do… sooooo we filmed a little, and I have another short video.

Again, any and all comments welcome, especially on my technique on the drop. I compared myself to the frame-by-frames on unicycle.2ya, and I think I have my technique near perfect… the music again doesn’t fit at all… but oh well, I like it.

New video is HERE

that was a great line in the second video with all the cement walls and the wooden stairs with the big drop at the end. Did you just happen to find that set up like that?

When I move to Philly in a month, you’ll have to show me around.

Thanks Booji. I found that stuff just like that - it was awesome. Take a look behind the stairs in the video… I was drooling over all those spools.

Definitely get ahold of me when you move to Philly. I was planning on making a trip down there this summer to ride with Obie and some other people. When are you moving?


July 2nd is the big day. It’s been raining for like two weeks straight here so I’m still waiting for summer weather and a chance to ride. I think Maine is pissed off that I’m leaving.