just broke my seatpost

I just broke my seatpost. Done my first 6set:D which i think weakened it then doing some static tire grabs(Dont ask why) and then my seat came off :astonished:

Well, I need to no what is the strongest 25.4mm seatpost i can buy, is it worth buying 2, so i have a spare?


Thanks in advance

any steel seatpost should be good.

yeah, getting 2 is a good idea. then you don’t have to wait for a really long time to ride again/

CrMO good?



idk how mine hasn’t broken if yours broke that easily, but the new koxx seatpost looks WICKED!

thompsons are good from what I hear

just get a good steel one

crmo is steel


you could just weld and reinforce the seat post. if you can weld it works well and is cheap and if done properly can end up stronger than before

stu, i was with you when you did thid…you didnt clear the 6 set lol.
you hope down from 5 or 4 cant remeber, but you didnt clear it lol, oh well.

it was funny when it broke though, the whole top came off.
iv broke my seat posts twice now…but just snapped it along the weld bit at the front, but stus came right off.

Well I hoped onto the next step down and cleared it well.It was my first 5 set. So I did all 6 but clipped my pedal on the bottom step:( Ill do it tommorow or whenever we ride again. I can do it, I will do it:D

So that CrMO one is what i should get?

This is the best seatpost for the money without spending £40+.

It is truely awesome, aluminuim is pants for seatposts if you are into street or seat in stuff.

CrMo doesn’t snap, it bends (well, for a while it will bend until it just snaps) and whilst its bended you can bend it back.

You said you needed a25.4mm seatpost so choose that as your option.


crmo is the best!
its basically a very strong type of steel that doesnt snap (steel is an alloy so there are loads of different types)

okay it can snap :stuck_out_tongue: happy mike?