Just broke a frame

Hey people,

I was wondering if anybody here has a Semcycle Deluxe Custom Off road uni and if anybody has experienced complete bending of the frame at the place where it forks. I rode fast off a four foot wall and landed hard and the frame bent really bad. Is there anything I can do? Is this common? Does anybody have any sympathy for me?

-A sad and now unicycless rider

(recently broke my trials cranks also):frowning:

that frame is toast. even if you were to ‘unbend’ it, it would be so weak, that a curb drop would probably bend it right back again.

Sorry, kid-o

What about the Semcycle Deluxe half-price for replacement parts warranty? I would think that you could get the frame replaced for half-price for whatever half-price is for those frame bits.

Of course, you could always replace it witha Yuni frame and a new Yuni compatible seatpost. You’ll have to ask unicycle.com if the Yuni frame will fit the bearing spacing and bearing size on the Semcycle Deluxe hub.

Just broke a frame

Do you know if Yuni frames are any good? I was kinda wary about buying one because they are so cheap. They seem to be building a small reputation. Can you tell me anything. Will they hold up to the kind of drop I talked about in my post?


Re: Just broke a frame

The Yuni is a good frame. Several very good muni riders are using that frame. They’re doing way more than 4’ drops. The frame has survived North Shore.

It’s a very good Taiwanese frame. The only Taiwanese frame that is better is the new Norco KH frame. With the Yuni frame you’ll end up with a stronger uni with less flex than the Sem Deluxe.

It does look like you’ll need to change bearings to fit the Yuni. The Semcycle Deluxe uses 35mm OD bearings and the Yuni uses 40mm OD bearings.

$40 for a frame, $16 for new bearings, maybe $10 for a new seatpost if the Sem post won’t work with the Yuni, and you’ve got a new functional unicycle.

Re: Just broke a frame

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Re: Just broke a frame

On Sun, 3 Nov 2002 02:14:18 -0600, john_childs
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>maybe $10 for a new seatpost if
>the Sem post won’t work with the Yuni

It does. I currently have my Sem Deluxe seat and seatpost (the type
with the holes in it) on my Nimbus II frame. Of course the holes are
non-functional but the clamp works just fine regardless. There are
pics on <www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/beest_photos.htm> but you can’t see
the seat post very well.

Klaas Bil

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