Just bought a Torker Unistar TX Giraffe.....questions??....

Hello all,
I spent some time searching and could not find what I am looking for.

First of all, hello from Kosovo. I am in the US Army stationed in Germany currently deployed to Kosovo.

I brought my 24" Torker and am at a skill level two right now. I just received the Torker Unistar TX giraffe and am having some difficulty with the 20" wheel and short cranks. It is a lot different from my 24" wheel and I find that I am pedaling like hell to get anywhere. The transition between uni’s is a little difficult too.

In my search I found lots of talk about the quality of the Torker Unistar TX. What is the end verdict? Is it dangerous? I am 6’ 2" and 225 lbs, so a major failure could not be good.

I will try the moving and static free mounts I found here soon.

Riding the 24" and the Giraffe around here is just a ton of fun. There are 36 different nations with solders here at “Film City” where the KFOR HQ is located. Of those 36 countries, many have never seen a Uni and I am willing to bet that 100% of the local Kosovars have not. I have many fans now and I think of my Uni’s as "Smile " machines.

Thanks for any info,
Duke Samouce

Well, I’m going to thread jack a little here because I don’t know the answers to your questions. But I would like to welcome you to this forum, you are I believe the second overseas armed forces member on this forum. You might want to contact kraze ( he was the first and is stationed in iraq).

Have a good day!


Thank You…

Kraze huh…he would not be riding a Torker Unistar TX would he? I ordered the Uni from unicycle.com and the first shipment was misaddressed and ended up in Iraq where it has disappeared. Wonder if Kraze happen to “find” the lost package?? The second shipment made it to me with no problems. I must say that Amy at Unicycle.com was just outstanding with the customer service on the lost package. She quickly got another one in the mail to me for no charge.

All “tongue in cheek” of course about Kraze…hope he is doing well in Iraq. I have it really easy here and there is no comparison.