Just bought a set of maggies for my,unicycle

Hey, everybody. I saw a good deal on a set,of,magura,h233’s so i hurriedly bought them without,doing,any research.

Are H233’s what i need? Would i need any,additional brackets to mount the brakes to the frame? I have a plan for the handle under the seat.

And they are going on a nimbus 26 muni. It’s,an 8 year old one with the built in magura mounts.

Anything,else i should know?

Heres a link to what i bought:

Thank you!

One more question…
Any tips on actually using these things? And i bought these in hopes that i wont get so sore on the long descents i ride. Will these help?


These look like the brakes on my KH 24" muni, and I love them! I haven’t had to do any mods to them, and the engagement is smooth and precise.

It takes a bit of learning to get a feel for it, but basically press the brake lever smooth and continuously (and try to not touch it if the road looks bumpy)

—If you find that the brakes come on too “strong,” you can try to angle the brake pad, so that only a piece of it engage with the rim of your wheel. I have that setup on my Coker and it is excellent!

Those are good brakes. You will need these brackets to mount them to your frame:

And this (or similar) to mount the brake handle under the saddle:

I use my brake frequently. Not just for slowing down, but they’re great for dismounting from the rear and keeping control of the uni.

Good luck!

Thanks,for the replies. It’s funny. I had no idea that those brackets,for the slave cylinders existed. I just bolted the stock brackets onto the,frame. They work beautifully, but i knew something wasnt right, lol.

As for the seat mounted lever, i jerry rigged that. Basically i took a 1/2 inch rigid conduit and cut it to about 3-4 inches and wrapped it in electrical tape because tge 1/2 inch is too small and the 3/4 is too big. The tape also serves as,a bushing and will hopefully allow a small amout of play to avoid breakage. I then took 3 conduit hangers and attached them to the seat,with short sheet metal screws. The lever attaches tp that conduit held in place by the hangers. The hangers allow for some movement of the brake lever apparatus under more torque than would be provided in normal riding conditions. Again, the hope is increased durability.

Heres a pic of the conduit hangers,im talking,about:

I don’t have a pic of it right now, but i can provide one later. The makeshift,brake lever mount works great and has handled some good falls without,question. Only time will tell on longevity, but i think it will last awhile.

In case anybody else is jnterested in adding,magura,to their machine, here are my 2 cents:
Do it. It’s a,game changer. I have been riding for 8 years (having,taken a 3-4 year break) and i have no idea how ive been riding brakeless,for so long. I had,no learning,curve, they felt natural from the get go. Taking one finger off the saddle and deciding which finger,felt awkward. But it Only felt awkward, and despite that my riding and,confidence both saw,improvement. I am still sore, but my knees dont have that super super painfully sore feeling. Everything,jist feels like healthy soreness.

I find it interesting my unicycle came with brake mounts and powdercoqting on the sidewall of the rim. My hope is that the brakes will break the sidewall powdercoat so to speak and expose the bare metal underneath for alincreased breaking,power.

Looking for brake,gurus.

So this brake was,working flawlessly. I took it in to the shop to get the hose,trimmed as,it was,a,rear,brake,and,consequently,very long. Now they are saying the lever is bad and needs,to be replaced.

Can,amybody point me,to troubleshooting on this brake so i can try myself? It sounds fishy to me

More likely it needs to be bled correctly.

If you’re still having problems, you might want to send a PM to brycer1968 on this forum (Bryce Jacobson) about it. He’s kind of a guru on the subject, and I’ve purchased a couple of sets of maggies from him, besides have him service them.
Good luck!