Just Because

Boffy and Me from last week :smiley: enjoy!

Nice vid! The gliding parts were awesome :)!

yeah that gliding is impressive I would love to be able to that.


Sweet guys. Always improving.

lol just found the thread to my vid xD

Man I wish I could do all those tricks! Especially the gliding.

And, I can’t help it, I have to say…Where’s your helmet?

I like that zigzag plank thing. Did you bulid it?

Awesome!!! I really like this. Gliding is so cool. Can you give some tips for practising it? :slight_smile:

haha thanks every one, that zig zag thing was at a local trials park.
For gliding focus heaps on 1ft ww first and make sure youve got it down 100%. then i reccommend a steeper hill to start on. i learnt on a practically flat hill and took me ages. then went steep and got it pretty easy.
you want me to make a tutorial?