Just Another Trials Rider

Just a little over 6 months ago I got my unicycle in the mail, and I started my journey to try and become a trials rider. I feel like I can actually say I am one now, and I must admit that makes me feel pretty good.

I try to ride actual lines much more than just working on height, so I’m still stuck at 33" to rubber. I’m noticing issues with my technique (tucking into my chest instead of in front with a straight back), and am having some trouble fixing that. I need to learn pre-hops, as I’m still doing everything static. I definitely like the feel of static hops better, but I have a feeling it will start limiting me more and more.

I greatly welcome any advice or comments, and thanks for watching!

wow everthing static and you just ride 6 months :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

really nice video, keep it up!!

wow, very good riding for only 6 months! keep it up

Yay for trials !

That was pretty good , keep it up !

:astonished: F.ck :astonished: F.ck :astonished:
Really only 6 months???
The static the better!!!.. it shows control instead of that “nervous” prehopping and don’t let it discourage you of getting better (higher) goals.
Welcome 2 the UNIWORLD!!!
(would like to see some bails too!!,hahahah)

Whoa! That’s awsome for 6 month of riding! There’s awsome trials spots too, I wish there was a bit more spots like this around my place.
What kind of pedals are you riding? they look really cool and I need new pedals.

Awesome, that was really enjoyable, also good for 6 months

Awesome! You’re really smooth too, you didn’t do a ton of extra hops in the lines which made it look nice.

IMPRESSIVE!!! :astonished:
Almost no pre-hops and so smooth, very cool.

Stick with that. I enjoyed your video a lot BECAUSE it is not focused on jumping high.

Crazy sick for 6 months, have you done any other extreme sports? trials biking maybe?

Thanks for the replies everyone!

@jaco_flans: I’m riding with Eclat Surge Alloy pedals right now. They’re a bit pricey, but very light and I like how they look (they match my tire cap too:))

I’ve been trying really hard to hop as little as possible during my lines, so I’m glad people noticed! :smiley:

Yeh dont let not being able to prehop discourage you.I heard a while back that fabian could do 108cm static.its probably higher now.Theres way more potential for static hops

I’ve done parkour for a number of years, but never bike trials. Parkour has certainly helped me be more aware of the physical learning/exploration process though.

Cool thanks, I’ll take a look at them, I want to have a pair of good pedals.

I think Static hops looks cooler too. I never really use prehops, I’m better static anyway.

hey brother, get over here to fresno so i can teach your next six months, seriously we need more top riders here in usa, and you have potential.
plane tickets i think are 300$.

At the beginning, you did the same trials line that Sam Haber did in Beggin for more.

Nice riding. Your incredible.

6 months :astonished: . You must progress really fast. Prehops will come, I just wish that i was as good as you at static.

Awesome riding, well done !!!

D’ya mean that it can get higher than with prehops or that it is better in trials lines where you don’t have space enough for pre-hopping? You mean the latter, right?

Hey Glenn,

We met back in May in Boston when I was driving back to Canada from North Carolina and rode a little bit, not sure if you remember. But man, you’ve really improved even since I saw you then, keep it up. I too noticed that there weren’t many little ugly hops in the middle of your lines, even the long ones, so try to keep that up, it makes your style really nice to watch.

Keep it up dude, would love to see more from you.