Just another one of those great days...

This morning Gary and I unicycled around at a local school fete. We did a little bit of northshore riding (just easy stuff), some freestyle, and gave about 20 kids a go at unicycling which was lots of fun.

Then we had our weekly group ride. Two new guys turned up and one of them brought along a Coker! I’ve been waiting for so long to get the chance to ride one and it was great. The seatpost was a little too long for me, but my experience was enough to make me want to buy one before they go out of production. It was just one of those days when so many good things happen. James can one-foot ride for as long as he likes and turn corners, Rockley made some big idling improvements, Rick (the Coker owner) learnt to freemount today, and I eventually made it across a realy fun pile of logs.

The Coker riding was great. I had no idea what it would be like. I rode it for 10 minutes or so and did some backwards riding, idling, one foot riding, wheel walking (for a couple of paces :)), and hill climbing on the road. Naturally, I now need one.

Here’s a photo of James hopping around on the logs I mentioned. It’s days like these that make me realise I’m going to have to be careful not to force my future kids to take up unicycling. :slight_smile:

Anyone else have a great day of unicycling?


Sounds like you had a great day Andrew. My fun days are coming up real soon. I’ll keep you posted.