Just Another Muni Video

Hey guys. Just wanted to get some feedback on a video that was made. Here’s the link.

It’s a preliminary trailer for a Muni video that is scheduled for release in the Spring of 07. If anyone is in the New England area and would like to be in it, please let me know. You can contact me either on the board or at drinkymcsipsip@yahoo.com. We’d love to put as many people in it as possible, but unfortunately do not know any other Muni riders in the Mass, NH area, which is where we primarily ride. Anyhow, enjoy!

Great to see another rider. Some words of advice: Don’t film yourself doing flat ground with a realy shaky camera with incredibly hardcore music. They don’t mix. Try to edit out all the flat and boring streches (which was, almost the whole movie.) Try to put all your very best stunts in. With a name like Muni, you should expect steep stuff and drops, but this was a prairie land. The Editing though was fanstastic!:wink:

Keep up the work,


Muni doesn’t have to be freeride to be muni. Lots of people enjoy XC muni. You don’t need to be rolling downhill doing freeride muni and big stunts to make a muni movie. XC muni can be done into a movie. Make the movie about the journey, the views, getting out in nature, having fun and telling a story about the ride. Document a ride rather than joining together a bunch of tricks or moves like a street or trials video. Document a ride in chronological order like a story.

The editing looked good, but like Danni said, the music didn’t really go with the riding. Those trails lookeed pretty tame, but you could make a good XC movie if you told a story with it. If you want to come up to Maine to film me I would love to be in the movie. One more thing, the video quality was pretty bad, (pixly, grainy) so you might want change that and get a better editing program than Windows Movie Maker. Imovie works well if you have a mac.

Hey all, thanks for the feedback. The video is the first thing we’ve put together and it was obviously done with windows movie maker. The concept of the whole movie is basically about where Muniing takes you, the people you meet, and to show how fun it can be just to ride XC. We’ll put in some bigger drops and whatnot, but it’s more primarily focused on just riding. Those clips were all shot in one day, in order, on one trail.
The final product will be on different film and edited using much better equipment. But it sure was fun just doing that little bit. smcmorrow, I might just take you up on that offer. I’ll get in touch with you soon and maybe we can get together sometime in the next few weeks and do some riding and get some footage. Anyhow, thanks again everyone for the feedback. It all helps. :slight_smile:

Ping Brian O., he’s in Boston for school, and is priginally from NH. I too am originally from NH, and might be able to join in (At least I’d like to ;))

All are welcome. I will defiantely do that.

I liked the flow of the riding in the movie and liked the music with it. I second John on that it doesn’t have to be hardcare, we’ve all seen that.

made me sick, very bounce cam. Sedy cam or trypod, google them to make one cheep. Not so much flat road riding try to keep the action going. Falls are a good way to make it funny.
Good job. :smiley:

Camera work was very shaky…And i got bored of the flat riding very quickly to tell the truth. Editing was good and it looks like you guys had a good time and thats what counts.